10 Fashion Tattoo Inspirations

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Getting a tattoo is one of the many goals I have set for myself before I turn 30. It’s been a few years since I first started considering what design/phrase to get inked with but I’ve yet to make up my mind. So I did what any other indecisive person does and searched the Internet for inspiration. I don’t think I’ll want to have a permanent reminder of my fascination with garments and sewing, but seeing these makes me think getting a fashion tattoo might not be a bad idea after all.

Swirly Dress FormThis dress form sure looks fancy.
The placement of this hanger is perfect. (Photo: Instagram/WomanAtWindow)
Sewn on the Spine 
You can clearly see that inspiration is sewn to her spine. (Photo: Instagram/Georginaxx)
Crazy for Chanel 
When you take your love for Chanel to another level (Photo: Instagram/Kim Doh Yun)
This is perfect. I have no words. (Photo: Instagram/Phelippe Rodrigues)
“My new tattoo, a picture of my sword,” said fashion designer Bobby K about his body art.
This corset is lovely. (Photo: Instagram/Tatts and Tees)
This is all sorts of delicate and pretty. (Photo: Instagram/Ung Art)
This is a good way to represent your love for fashion and your country … or you know, your favorite shirt. (Photo: Instagram/TattsandTees)
Tools of the Trade (Photo: Instagram/Ribas xVx)

Do you have a tattoo or do you have plans to get one?
If you’re ready to commit to it for the rest of your life (or for as long as you don’t get a laser removal appointment), what kind of design would you like to have inked?

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