5 Questions For Style / Fashion Bloggers

Back in 2010, my Google Reader (R.I.P.) was filled with (style?) fashion blogs. My fascination with looking at photos of girls who look like they were photographed for a magazine spread started with Jane of Sea of Shoes. And then I discovered Childhood Flames, who has a magnificent, minimalist style. Blogs of the same variety later started sprouting in the Philippines, too. I remember religiously checking Tricia Gosingtian’s blog. And then I discovered Bestie Konisis’ blog, The Capricious Club, and I was smitten.

I’ve kicked the habit of reading (well, looking at photos) of fashion blogs a couple of years ago, though, and have managed to stick with a little list and know by heart the URLs of those I do not get tired of.

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From time to time, I’ll see a blog with the same format and I can’t help but wonder about a lot of things. (I didn’t use “For the curious and opinionated” as a tagline for no reason. Ha!) So if you’re a fashion blogger, I’d appreciate it if you could answer these for me.

What is the difference between style and fashion bloggers?

I know most people who document their sartorial choices call themselves fashion bloggers. But I heard someone say that fashion bloggers are actually those who write about the fashion industry — the trends, the garments, the behind-the-scenes things. Those who take photos of themselves with their #OOTD are personal style bloggers, I heard — which makes sense to me because they’re essentially putting up a catalog of their clothing choices. But what do you think?

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Why do you always look sad/mad in pictures?

Another thing that puzzles me is how bloggers look sad or mad when they get their outfit photos taken. Is there a reason behind it? Is it a requirement?

Why do you tip-toe when wearing flats?

Now, this is something I’ve seen a lot of Filipino (style?) fashion bloggers do. I mean, if you’re gonna tip-toe because you’re wearing flats, you should’ve just worn heels. Or is there a reason behind it?

Do you ever get self-conscious when you get your outfit photos taken?

I’ve only seen people getting their outfit photos taken in a public area twice. It’s really not a big deal here anymore, I think. I won’t get surprised if more people started doing it, too, but I’m still curious. Do you ever feel awkward when you take outfit shots in public?

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Do you really wear the outfits on your posts or are they just for the blog?

I’ve posted a lot of eye makeup photos on my Instagram for my 5 Looks, 1 Palette series but none of them were worn outside. I put makeup on and took photos of them for a post, which makes me wonder: Are some of your outfit posts taken solely for your blog? Or do you wear them in real life and just squeeze in some time to get them documented?
Any fashion bloggers out there who want to help enlighten me?

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