Ah, Adult Acne, Leave Me Be.

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So, you’re here. I’ve heard about you but never really thought we’d meet. But here you are. I can’t say you’re welcome, though.

I wanna hand it to you. You took me by surprise. All my life I never thought I’d see you on my face, but one day I woke up and you’re here. And I despise you. Maybe not that much. But I don’t want you here.

See, you and I have never had any kind of relationship. Sure, when I was younger, I’d get one or two of your kind but never a flock of you. My face had always been the part of my body I never had a problem with… That is until you came.

I know it’s because I messed with my hormones. I shouldn’t have stopped taking BCP. I’m back on it now, so you no longer have to stay! I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables now, too. And my water intake can rival an athlete’s.

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I’m a bit fussier with my skincare routine now, too. I know it’s not kind to wish anything death but I wish on my lovely (gay) uncle’s grave that you’ll disappear with the help of Garnier Pure Active face scrub. 

And when you’re finally gone, I won’t let you leave any mark. I won’t let you give me anything to remember you by. So you can bet I’ll try to find anything that will rid of your trace, starting with the Garnier Light Complete Toner. 

I’m not happy that you’re here but I promise to have the last laugh.

But since you’re still here, let me just say: Ah, adult acne, leave me be.

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