American Horror Story Fashion Line

Fashion collections based on popular culture are polarizing; some love them to death, others loathe them. I’m lukewarm about them. I find the mix of two seemingly different things interesting, though. I like the idea of putting together two things that one might think won’t work but actually complement each other well.

The line between pop culture and fashion is thin, so collections based on television shows and movies or costumes based on runway pieces are inevitable. And that brings us to today’s post. I cover the entertainment beat for one of my jobs, and American Horror Story: Hotel is one of the assigned topics to me. While looking for updates about my topic, I learned that not only is the show trying to scare people, it’s also trying to style them… sort of. Not really. But yes, there’s an American Horror Story fashion collection! Most of them look like costumes but the one based on Murder House has a vintage vibe to it that I am drawn to.

Season 5, Hotel
american-horror-story-fashion-line-3Season 4, Freak Show
american-horror-story-fashion-line-1Season 3, Coven
american-horror-story-fashion-line-5Season 2, Asylum
american-horror-story-fashion-line-4Season 1, Murder House
They have printed tees, too. This one spoke to me.

What do you think about pop culture fashion collections?

*All photos are from Hot Topic.

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