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Our family went on a trip to Bohol last week. I won’t delve into our shenanigans, however, seeing that I’d like to maintain the exclusivity of this blog to beauty and fashion-related topics. With that said, I’d like to talk to you about your beauty travel habits and your thoughts on beach makeup.

Prior to the trip, I debated on whether to take some of my makeup products with me. At the last-minute, while filling our luggage with clothes and essentials, I decided to leave my kit behind and take only three beauty-related/skin care products.

The cleanser I bought was a freebie from an event I attended a month or so ago. It’s a duo-tasking product; it cleanses and tones, which is nice as far as not having to carry cotton pads go.

The other face product I brought was my moisturizer which has SPF.

The last skin care product was a sunscreen, which my husband bought at the last-minute.

In a way, I left my kit as a way of maintaining my pseudo-minimalist lifestyle. I did miss my stuff, though, as weird as it may sound. (I even posted about it on Instagram because it felt like I was having separation anxiety. Talk about attachment problems. Ha!) Another reason I did not bring even a tinted lip balm is because I don’t like the idea of beach makeup.

I know a number of waterproof products that work well, but I’ve never considered getting dolled-up before diving into and swimming in a big body of water (salt-filled or otherwise). I don’t care much about my appearance when I’m at the beach so I don’t feel like there’s a need for me to put on a made-up face. But that’s just me though. How about you?

What are your thoughts on beach makeup?

What are your beach beauty essentials?

P.S. More insightful (and interesting) posts are coming. I just need to get my mind off vacation. (Ha! See what I did there?)

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