I was browsing through Althea just before I switched to this tab. I’m still lukewarm about beauty lately, but I’ve been trying to get back to it. So I figured a little inspiration might do the trick. It did, in a way, but not so much that I purchased the ones I put in my bag (Althea has bags instead of carts, I just noticed.).

This (as in writing this) is another attempt at reviving my missing enthusiasm for a topic I once was slightly obsessed with. Here are some things I read about beauty this week, plus a few of the things I’ve been using.

There’s a thing called silisponge, and its makers want you to use it instead of the makeup sponges you’re used to. It’s literally silicon in the shape of a makeup sponge. It looks like a breast implant. Would I want to use a breast implant to blend my base products? No. Maybe. See how it works below.

It’s not exactly beauty-related, but I found out that Bretman Rock is copying someone, which is disappointing. Partly because I like his humor when he does Filipino/Ilocano-related jokes, but also because damn, why can’t Filipinos just find their own style and stick with it?

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In other news: my friend Rae sent me a package! I’m overwhelmed by the generosity. I’m thankful that I have friends who share my liking for beauty. (I haven’t taken a photo of them yet though!) She sent over two lipsticks, both of which are too light for her. Seeing the colors on the tube, I thought they would be light on me, too. Turns out, I am not a morena.

She sent over a tube of Maybelline Creamy Matte in Clay Crush, and this is how it looks on me:

When your hubby catches you taking a selfie… 😂😂😂📷💣 pic.twitter.com/ipxI2w7uCo

— Jorj (@blogmadcherry) November 29, 2016

This is the first time I posted a photo of my entire face on the blog, I think. So, hi! And that’s my husband photobombing.

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The lipstick’s reddish brown, as the name implies. It’s great for everyday use as it doesn’t call too much attention but brightens up my face. When I first tried it on, I didn’t realize that my daughter was watching me. Without prodding, she gave a comment and said the color’s “clear.” So I guess the shade is close to my natural lip color that it can actually pass off as an MLBB.

I haven’t tried the other products Rae sent long enough to say something about them, so that would be for another post.

What I’ve been trying out lately is going back to Ponds. I’m using the Pure White Deep Cleansing Foam, which I will review for my Sachet Series (if I remember). I’ve used the product before, and Ponds, as it turns out, will never fail me. Their products don’t work well for some, but they’re surprisingly good for my skin. I haven’t broken out yet since I started using it, even though this time of the month usually leaves me with bumps on my right cheek. I’m glad about that.

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What have you been up to lately?  

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