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5 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Beautiful

5 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Beautiful

We’ve all had those days. You know? The ones when we just want to curl up in bed because we feel awful (or not beautiful). They usually pass after sometime (for me, at least) but there are some things that one can do to help make getting over the rut faster.


Walking and breathing fresh air can help clear your mind. It’s easy to do and free. Doing it is pure win.

Work Out

We already know about the endorphins that get released after working out. But apart from the temporary happiness you get from jogging for an hour or dancing for two, you’ll also benefit from it in the long run.


There’s no better way to take your mind off your problems than by immersing yourself in an imaginary world. Reading books are the best way to escape problems, pass time, and of course, learn new things (and widen your vocabulary).


Doing something for yourself has been proven to affect one’s mood and perspective. A study has already proven that the act of putting on makeup or doing something that makes you feel like you are taking care of yourself help you emotionally and psychologically.

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All of the things I mentioned above will definitely make you feel better, but the best solution for me is to stop thinking about why you need to be beautiful or why you need to feel beautiful. Watch a documentary about a pressing societal issue instead. Or browse through Humans of New York. There’s nothing quite like being reminded that there are people who need to be helped and issues that need to be solved to change your perspective about the concept of beauty.

Sure, it’s hard to escape the bad thoughts sometimes. Trust me, I know about that too well. But focusing on making beautiful things instead of poring over the reasons why you don’t feel beautiful is a better use of time.

What do you do when you don’t feel beautiful?