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What’s the Best Way to Wash Your Face?

What’s the Best Way to Wash Your Face?

What is the 60-second face wash rule and should you try it?

If you’ve ever wondered how to wash your face correctly, the 60-second face washing rule may just be the answer.

Have you heard of it? If not, I’m here to fill you in.

Cleansing isn’t really the most popular skincare step. I mean, I can perhaps ask you about your favorite skincare product and the chances of it being a cleanser would be slim.

We often see cleansing as a humdrum chore and something to do to get over with. Serums are sensational; moisturizers are marvelous. Cleansers? Well, perhaps if we reap the benefits of the proper way to cleanse, we’ll be more excited about it.

Okay, I won’t tease you any longer. Here’s why you need to learn about and follow the 60-second face washing rule.

Here's a tip on how to wash your face correctly.

What is the 60-second face washing rule?

It’s not really a rule, but it is advised. How much time do you actually spend massaging your cleanser onto your skin? 10, 15 seconds tops.

20 seconds is great for washing your hands — this does the job of removing bacteria. This is probably good enough for your face too! Really, there is no right or wrong here.

But giving your face 60 seconds of attention? It might just change your life, er your skin.

Esthetician Namayka Roberts-Smith is known for popularizing this rule. She said doing the 60-second face wash way helps the ingredients in your cleanser to actually work.

It makes sense because 15 seconds doesn’t seem quite enough to not just cleanse but also reap the benefits of your cleanser, especially if it has actives like niacinamides and more.

Namayka also said, ‘It softens the skin & dissolves sebum blockages better.’

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My experience with this method

Even before the hype about this rule became big, I was already unknowingly doing it — that’s not to brag or anything. But really, I was because the Foreo Luna Mini 2 I’ve been using since late 2017 asks you to do this.

If you’re not familiar with these types of cleansing devices, they have a 60-second timer for the entire face. It has sonic vibrations and timers that tell you when to move to a different area in your face. More details if you’re curious in the link above!

So, I guess you can already tell that I do agree with the proponent of this method and I have been enjoying doing it.

Now, will you be trying it?

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