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Get the Aegyo Sal Makeup Look to a T

Get the Aegyo Sal Makeup Look to a T

aegyo sal makeup tutorial

The aegyo sal makeup look has been around for many years now, but it’s re-emerging right in time for the holidays this year!

I’m sure you’ve already seen it whether or not you’re familiar with the look. But if you’re still confused about what it is and how to achieve it, don’t worry. Here’s everything you need to know about the aegyo sal makeup look.

Korean woman wearing aegyo sal makeup look
Photo by Etude

What is the aegyo sal makeup look?

Eye bags are often a cause for insecurity for many of us. We were always told that puffy undereyes are no good, after all! But this Korean beauty trend sees pudgy undereyes as a good thing; they should be highlighted — embellished even.

The key is to make the puffy part under the lower waterline stand out! This is quite interesting because those bulges under the eyes are often seen as the result of stress or aging. But the aegyo sal makeup look, for some reason, makes you look younger.

So how do you actually achieve this vibe?

How to create the aegyo sal makeup look?

The first step in creating this look is contouring the pudge with a brown/gray color that looks quite natural for your skin tone. Yes, make the space that usually gets dark if you don’t get enough sleep look more prominent.

Next, put on a smile so you can see exactly where the ‘meaty’ part of this pudge is — this is what you need to highlight (quite literally). Start from the corner of your eye outward with a neutral, shimmery highlight product. (Think: champagne, light gold, or even white.) You can also opt to take it a notch higher and go straight for eye-safe glitter!

The last step is blending (the most important part of any makeup application process, if you ask me). Make sure that the contour and highlight shades are blended seamlessly.

And that’s it! You’ve achieved the aegyo sal makeup look.

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Aegyo sal makeup products

This makeup trend reached quite the peak of popularity so there are actually products created for it such as the ones below!

Colorgram All In One Aegyo sal Maker
Colorgram All In One Aegyo sal Maker

Etude Cute Eyes Maker
Etude Cute Eyes Maker

But you don’t need these, of course! If you have an eyeshadow palette with a brown color for contouring and a pearly or champagne highlight shade, you can already achieve the look!

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