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The Apple Cut Hair Is a Dazzling Classic Style You’re Gonna Want To Try

The Apple Cut Hair Is a Dazzling Classic Style You’re Gonna Want To Try

apple cut hair

We’re taking it back to the ’90s with the apple cut hair!

But let’s admit it, the style never really went away. I would know because I’ve worn it when I was younger and, well, I’m wearing it again now. To me it’s chic and, for the most part, fuss-free. It’s pretty easy to maintain too!

So if you’re curious to know if it’s also the right hairstyle for you, here are some fun facts.

What is apple cut hair?

apple cut hair

The apple hair cut, as you may have guessed from the fruit it’s named after, is a style that has more volume in the upper part and tapers down to thinly at the end. Other variations of the look also have the back of the head shorter and thicker (think Rihanna in her Good Girl Gone Bad era).

More often than not, the cut ends near the jawline. It’s a bit like a bob but with more volume near your ears.

Is apple cut good for a round face?

As someone who has a round face, I can definitely say that it does work for our shape. But the cut has to be done right. We want volume at the top and not near the jawline so it balances out our rounded features. Short layers that end in the jaw or chin are also great at framing our face.

How to style apple cut hair

This hairstyle is pretty much wash-and-go, but you can definitely explore different ways to style it and amp the look up.

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apple cut hair with bangs
  1. Playing with color is definitely a good option. Highlights or an ombre can give the look more dimension and body (if done right).
  2. If you’re not the type to keep things classic, an edgy, shaggy styling can work for you.
  3. Fan of the fringe? Get cute bangs to go with the apple cut hair!
  4. If you’re curly-haired or wavy-haired, don’t think this style can’t work for your texture. It definitely can and it looks great!

When you’re ready to get the look, just tell your favorite stylist that you want the apple cut.

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