Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant Review [Crystal Tawas]

avon feelin fresh deodorant review

Curious to know if the Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant (in the Crystal Tawas variant, to be exact) should be part of your next order from your Avon lady? Well, I was just as interested to know the answer a month ago. So I ordered one and put it to the test. Here’s my review!

Packaging, texture, color, scent

The Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant comes in a tube. The Crystal Tawas variant, in particular, has blues and greens for a color palette. The packaging is quite straightforward, but the brand does take pride in it being redesigned to have a curved shape where the product is dispensed; it’s claimed to be great for applying the product on as if it were in a roll-on bottle!

avon feelin fresh deodorant packaging

The deodorant itself is white and has a cream-like texture.

In terms of the scent — the most important aspect of a deodorant — it delivers immensely. It’s definitely not scent-free despite the ‘tawas‘ in its name. Instead it has a fresh floral scent. No, it doesn’t smell like an old lady’s perfume but more like a bouquet of freshly picked ylang-ylang with a hint of citrus leaves. I love it!


You’re meant to squeeze out a pea-sized amount of the Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant and that should be supposedly enough to get you through — wait for it — 48 hours.

While the tube packaging is intuitive to use, it does pose the risk of over-squeezing. I’ve done it a few times! It’s a bit hard to gauge coz there’s quite a bit of air inside the tube. I’ve not mastered squeezing out the perfect amount in one go, but it’s not really a deal breaker.

avon feelin fresh deodorant applicator

The brand says you can squeeze out the product directly onto your finger or let it sit on top of the applicator and use that to spread it onto your armpits. I prefer using my fingers coz it ~feels more sanitary that way (even though I use the deodorant only after I’ve taken a bath, of course, which means my pits are clean but you get the idea).

Despite the cream being white in color, it does get absorbed into the skin without a trace. I haven’t encountered any issue with it transferring onto my shirts either.

Final verdict

I’ve been using the Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant for more than a month now and it’s been an enjoyable experience so far! I don’t go over the 48-hour promise, though, so I can’t really say much about that claim.

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As far as its antiperspirant powers go, it delivers — but only to some extent. I do acknowledge the possibility that it could just be my body. I’ve always been sweaty and so I may need something that’s a bit more heavy-duty. But I don’t mind sweating as much anymore though. It’s the body’s way of releasing toxins so I don’t get bothered by it as much.

avon feelin fresh deodorant texture

It does keep you feeling and smelling fresh between the application and your next bath time, which is definitely what you’d want in a deodorant!

Now, the product also claims to brighten your underarms in one week. I haven’t really paid much attention to this claim so I can’t say if the product lives up to it but I can say that my underarms are definitely not darker than before I used it (I’ve tried deodorants that have left my pits looking ashy, unfortunately).

In all, I recommend the Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant (the Crystal Tawas variant, specifically) to anyone who needs a reliable product for their underarms. The best part? It’s more affordable than deodorants at the supermarket that claim to do the same thing!

I don’t have an Avon lady near me so I got mine online. Links below!

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