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Do You Need a BB Cream for Your Hair?

Do You Need a BB Cream for Your Hair?

bb cream for hair

Is this your sign to finally try a BB cream for hair?

BB creams and CC creams are known to be great for the face. So it’s only safe to assume that their hair counterparts would perform just as well.

What is BB cream treatment for hair?

If you’ve never tried one out but are curious to know what good it will do for your hair, here’s the sitch: A BB cream for hair aims to make your hair frizz-free, smooth and shiny.

It does share similarities with a conditioner or other smoothing hair treatments, but it also doubles as a styling product.

bb cream for hair

How do you apply BB cream to your hair?

You can use it the same way you would any type of hair treatment! But you can also pair it with other hair products for optimal results, depending on your hair type.

Got an oily scalp? You may want to avoid putting this product on there and opt for a dry shampoo; apply it to just the strands.

If your hair’s on the dry, damaged side, you may want to amp up its effects with the help of a hair oil.

How long does BB hair treatment last?

Now, while you can snap up a BB cream for hair at the drugstore or online, you can also opt for a salon treatment that delivers the same but more long-lasting results.

A BB hair treatment is a smoothening and softening treatment that will leave your tresses looking incredibly frizz-free and soft to the touch. The downside is it works best with people who have naturally straight here. So it’s really something that just enhances what one already has. (Sorry to our curly-haired friends, but you may need a different treatment.)

The results for this type of treatment typically lasts from one to two months.

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Best BB creams for hair

If you’re not ready to get a treatment but want a quick and easy fix, check these out.

Pantene Pro UV 10-in-1 BB Creme

Want a multi-tasking BB? This one can be used wet or dry to deliver sleek tresses — it can hold a style and protect against heat while moisturizing the hair and repair breakage. You can use it as an overnight treatment too! (Fun fact: Did you know that Pantene is said to be the first to come out with a BB cream for hair?)

RG Cosmetics BB Creme All-In-One

This BB cream for hair is said to be great for not only protecting and strengthening but also treating the hair, especially ones that have been colored.

ion Repair BB Cream

This vegan and paraben-free product smooths unruly hair, tames frizz and protects from heat.

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