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Beauty (And Better Life) Habits I Want To Start Making

Beauty (And Better Life) Habits I Want To Start Making

“Are you a resolution squasher?” That’s how I introduced a post about plans I had last year. Do I dare tell you how I fared in keeping them? I guess it bears mentioning that I did try, but I was unsuccessful. So here we are again.

For a beauty enthusiast (and a person who actually gets paid to write and edit beauty-related stories), I have poor beauty habits. I sometimes don’t wash my face. I don’t drink a gallon of water each day. I don’t fill in my brows when I don’t feel like it. But there might be some beauty treasures I am missing out on because, to be honest, I can get a bit lazy (especially during that time of the month). So here are some of the things I want to be good at because why stop at merely doing things when you can be extra?

Wash my face*

no matter how tired or sleepy I am

While some people find it satisfying to do their skincare routine before hitting the hay, I am sometimes too tired (or lazy) to do it. I don’t usually wear makeup, except for days when I need to attend events or those special moments where I have nowhere to go but feel like putting some color on my face. This, to me, gives me the liberty to just use a makeup wipe (and that’s going a step further already). But I feel like I contradict myself after saying that I learned how important consistency is in skincare (and in life).
So here’s to washing my face, and doing the whole shebang no matter how pooped I feel. You can quote me on that.

Walk, run, move

This one’s not exactly a beauty habit, but it does give beauty benefits. This is also not just a want but more of a need. I have to start moving again. I am at my heaviest (discounting the time I was pregnant), and I don’t feel good. The motivation to work out still eludes me, but that’s just an excuse to keep putting things off. So I will start working out again. I don’t even remember when the last time was, but I will do it again. 

Drink up

A tweet asking about a skincare routine instead of just “drink lots of water” as a tip made rounds last week, and it made me chuckle. Yes, I want to know what products you’re using! Don’t give me a snakeoil answer. But even though drinking lots of water can’t be the only reason why someone’s skin is in good condition, it can really help a lot. So you can bet your bottom dollar that I will start chugging my way to clearer skin (and overall good health).

Stop poking my spots

There’s a reason why I’m amused with Dr. Pimple Popper, and that’s because I like to poke my spots, too. The difference is, of course, she’s a licensed medical practitioner and I’m just someone who can’t stand feeling bumps on her skin. I know full well that I expose myself to the risk of getting infections when I do it, so I’ll stop. I promise I will. 

Visit a doctor

I’m quite positive that one of the reasons why I have acne again is because I messed with my hormones again. I stopped taking BCP again because I just didn’t feel like taking them again after finishing my last pack, which was a couple of months ago. So now my face is a zit zone. Aside from the effect on my skin, going off the pill might have caused trouble in my overall health — or maybe not; I wouldn’t know cos I haven’t asked an expert. So I’ll do that.

What beauty habits are you going to make?