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Beauty Lately

Beauty Lately

Things are still slow for me in the beauty department. I sometimes get the urge to whip out my brushes and makeup products and just play, but I still don’t have the energy for it. I did promise to make this year the one where I reacquaint myself with makeup, as in really learning and loving the whole process of it. I’m ready to discover products organically. So, if you have some suggestions, definitely do send them my way.

Aside from looking at products and reading reviews, I’ve rekindled my interest in watching beauty tutorials. Something happened in YouTube beauty world last year, which I can’t quite put my finger on. But it just became boring. Everyone was doing the same things. They were all reviewing the same products. None of them would try things that they discovered on their own. But in my attempt to get my makeup mojo back, I’ve been watching tutorials again. Here are some of my recent favorites.

I know it’s an ad. But Claire Marshall remains my favorite beauty YouTuber, and I will always love the quality of her videos.

I followed Aja because of her skincare videos. And then I got interested in her lifestyle (more on finance) videos. Her latest beauty video, though, is something refreshing. I think this year really will be the year of skin looking like skin. The age of the Glossier girl, if you will. Granted, Aja already looks gorgeous even without makeup but I think this is a good example of how makeup, when applied correctly, can help you look like a better version of yourself.

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I’ve never really been into NikkieTutorials. But I tried watching a few of her videos a couple of weeks ago, and, wow, the girl’s really talented. I liked this particular video, though, because she’s always doing flamboyant looks. This is far from natural, but I like how the look is just so fresh.

I like Chloe Morello. And I like this video of hers. She looks glowing. And I like that she didn’t cake on the base products even if the makeup was meant to be for her wedding. The message I got from this is you don’t need to use much of a product when you know you can rely on it to stay looking as good all throughout the day as when you freshly applied it.

Do you have current favorite YouTube channels? I’d love to add more to my subscription list.