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This Hair Dye Didn’t Make Me Blonde, But I Like It!

This Hair Dye Didn’t Make Me Blonde, But I Like It!

Find out if you should try the Beautylabo Hair Color in this review.

I’ve always enjoyed coloring my hair myself. I started when I was 9, I think, with a boxed dye from the market; the last time I had my hair professionally colored was six years ago. And with the longest quarantine in the world still ongoing — really, truly when will this end? — I found myself wanting to order a box of dye online and just switch things up. Well, that’s exactly what I did with the Beautylabo Hair Color in Honey Beige (P239 on Lazada). Here’s my review of it.

About Beautylabo Hair Color

Beautylabo is a Japanese brand whose products are “for all women who love beautifully colored hair”. They have two types of hair dyes: whipped foam and cream. The Beautylabo Hair Color in Honey Blonde falls under the cream type.

Contents and application

Each box comes with a bottle of cream developer, cream colorant, a nozzle, a pair of gloves and a leaflet of instructions.

The contents of the Beautylabo Hair Color in Honey Blonde.

They advise you to do a patch test for 48 hours, but I took my luck and just winged it. I’ve been coloring my hair with box dyes for years so I didn’t think there would be a problem. I was right. The part of my scalp that’s been having minor issues stung a bit. But other than that, it wasn’t bothersome.

I started applying from the roots. Don’t do the same though, because the roots tend to hold color easier than other parts of the hair. Then, I massaged the cream on some parts of my hair. And then asked my husband to help me apply it on sections I couldn’t reach.

Some dyes would already start to show your hair transforming as you wait for it to fully develop. It did not happen with this one. I was admittedly anxious that it won’t do anything! Of course, I didn’t expect to be blonde; my hair was black as night but I still expected it to lighten even just by a bit.

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Result and final thoughts

The instructions say you have to leave it on for just 30 minutes. But I left it on for 45. I rinsed it off with tap water and used the Pantene Miracles 3-Minute Conditioner — no shampooing. But even without the conditioner, my hair felt soft after rinsing. (Maybe because this hair dye contains coconut and almond oils). I didn’t notice much of a difference in the color till my hair was dry, though.

A before and after look at my experience using this box dye.

But there was a difference, albeit not huge. My hair’s now reddish brown! I’m still trying to decide whether or not 2020 will be the year I (finally) become a blonde Asian. But I like this color on me so far. I’m already planning to reorder a box of Beautylabo Hair Color for a touch-up next month.