6 Best Antiperspirants for Women in the Philippines

antiperspirant for women in the philippines

So, we’re keeping it real, right? We live in a hot and humid country and, to be honest, you’re lucky if you don’t sweat too much. So, I’m right with you on your search for the best antiperspirants for women.

There’s nothing quite like feeling and smelling fresh! But what product should you be using

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant

An antiperspirant is, as you may have gathered from its name, a product that helps with excessive sweating. A deodorant, on the other hand, neturalizes or masks odor.

If you notice that you’re sweating quite profusely, an antiperspirant may be what you’re looking for. If you’re struggling in the scent department, pick up a deodorant. In some cases, you’ll find the benefits of both in one product.

Is it OK to use antiperspirant daily?

While you can definitely do it, there’s no reason to. A good antiperspirant will work even if you use it just twice a week. Plus, if you apply it daily, there are chances it may lead to irritation. Best to check what’s on the label of the product to see how to properly use it.

Best antiperspirant for women

If you’re ready to include one in your bodycare routine, here are some to consider.

Safeguard Sport Cream Deodorant

This one promises to kill 99% of odor-causing bacteria to help you stay smelling fresh all day.

Driclor Anti-perspirant Roll

If your sweat is too much to handle, this one’s what you need to grab. The best part is you can use it not just for the armpits but also for your hands or feet.

BELFOUR Whitening Antiperspirant Deo Spray

Aside from helping keep excessive sweat at bay, this product also claims to help whiten your underarms with papaya extract.

J Tomas No Sweat Antiperspirant Deodorant

This gentle hydro alcohol product can be used not just for the underarms but also the chest, back, hands and feet.

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Gillette Cool Wave Clear Gel Antiperspirant

On top of stopping excessive sweating through its Scent Xtend Technology Cool Wave, this gives your underarms a fresh scent.

Secret Fresh Expressions Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant

This one promises to keep you sweat- and odor-free for 48 hours. It also has pH-balancing minerals to keep your skin healthy.

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