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Is Sea Salt Spray Good for Your Hair? 5 of the Best Ones To Try

Is Sea Salt Spray Good for Your Hair? 5 of the Best Ones To Try

the best sea salt sprays

Haven’t had the chance to go the beach? You can still get beach waves and texture without leaving the comfort of your home! Sea salt spray is the answer.

Is sea salt spray good for your hair?

As far as styling goes, yes, it definitely is. Beach waves and volume are just a couple of things to expect when using any product with salt in it. If you’re thinking of hair health, though, it does have a tendency to dehydrate the hair out if used too often. This dehydration may then lead to brittleness and damage. So make sure you also condition and treat your hair after using this spray!

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Is sea salt spray just saltwater?

Technically, yes. But commercially available sprays, of course, include other ingredients to ensure that they’re shelf-stable for long. Some products also contain oils such as coconut and argan that help counter the dehydrating effects of salt. Others also have hydrating ingredients like aloe vera.

Can I make my own sea salt spray?

Love taking the DIY route? Go on ahead and make your own sea salt spray. You’re gonna need just three ingredients: water, salt and epsom salt. Pour these into a spray bottle, et voila! You have your own hair texturizing product.

Best sea salt sprays in the Philippines

If you’re not too confident about your DIYing skills, though, there are quite a few products on the market you can snap up. Here are some sea salt sprays to consider.

Tikas Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

On top of enhancing your hair’s texture, this product also promises to thicken your hair strands and help with hair fall. It’s enriched with castor and coconut oils for a touch of hydration.

Waves Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

This no-fuss spray claims to be just what you need to get beach waves and summer hair all year long. It has vitamin E for hair nourishment too.

El Hefe’s Pomade Sea Salt Tonic Spray

If you’re looking for something that feels lightweight on your tresses, you may want to give this one a shot. Instead of water, this uses aloe vera juice as its base so it’s more hydrating than the usual salt spray.

Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves

Need more than just texture? This product — enriched with sage oil, tea tree oil, Australian tea tree oil, and peppermint oil — promises to not only help you style your hair but also keep it dandruff-free.

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IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

Give your hair volume and texture not only with the help of sea salt but also the gluten-free hydrolyzed wheat protein in this spray. The hydrating glycerin in this formula also ensures your hair’s health while styled.

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