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12 Best Sheet Masks for a Skincare Boost

12 Best Sheet Masks for a Skincare Boost

best sheet masks philippines

It’s no secret that K-beauty has taken the world by storm (much like K-pop and K-drama have). And I think we can all agree that the gateway to this magical realm of chok-chok (luminous, moist) skin is a sheet mask.

It was all the rage in the mid-2010s but was a bit overshadowed by other products. It’s remained a staple in many people’s routines though. The best part is it comes in lots of varieties, so you’re bound to find one no matter your skin need or if you’re a first time user or someone’s who’ve tried so many already.

best sheet masks philippines

What is a sheet mask?

If you’re not too familiar with it yet, a sheet mask is a face-shaped mask made out of thin cloth. It’s soaked in serum that are meant to get seeped into the skin for the optimal effect.

Which sheet mask is good for everyday use?

Any sheet mask that works for you and doesn’t react badly to your skin is good for everyday use. Since this type of mask is packed with a serum, you may think of using one as though you’re using any other serum. It’s just the type of application that’s different.

What sheet mask do Korean celebrities use?

Many of the popular sheet mask brands are Korean, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Korean celebrities use any or all of them. Some K-celebs have also been tapped to be the faces of some brands. Among the popular ones that celebrities use are Mediheal, Mamonde, innisfree, Laneige, AHC and Sulwhasoo.

Best sheet masks in the Philippines

Ready to add a new mask to your skincare routine? Here are the best ones to consider.

Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Mask Brightening Lemon Mask

This mask is packed with vitamin C-rich lemon extract that helps brighten the complexion. It also has soothing allantoin and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate.

Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Instant Radiance Sheet Mask

If you have sensitive skin but want to brighten up your complexion and fade dark spots, try this mask from Cetaphil. Made with the brand’s GentleBright Technology™, this improves skin dullness and fine lines while hydrating it without causing any irritation.

Etude 0.2 Therapy Air Facial Mask

These sheet masks come in two types: water-type, which is instantly hydrating, and ampoule-type, which is deeply hydrating. It also boasts of an ultra-thin sheet so it fits better on the face.

COSRX Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask

Get long-lasting hydration and nourishment with this mask that’s packed with propolis, honey extracts and royal jelly.

innisfree Squeeze Energy Mask

If you’re looking for a mask to use daily, this one claims to be the perfect fit for you. This vegan sheet mask comes in different variants that address different skin needs such as Kombucha for clarifying, aloe for hydration and more.

Nature Republic Real Nature Avocado Sheet Mask

Is hydration your thing? Put on this no-fuss mask sheet to give your skin moisture and nourishment.

Luxe Organix Power Glow Serum Boost Sheet Mask

A combination of vitamin C, galactomyces ferment filtrate and hyaluronic acid allows this sheet mask to give your skin a brightening boost. It also hydrates the skin amply — perfect for that glass skin effect.

Mediheal W.H.P. White Hydrating Charcoal Mask

Hydrate and brighten with this mask that’s made with moisturizing Aqua Seal and radiance-boosting niacinamide and Euterpe Oleracea fruit extract. It also contains Binchotan Charcoal that helps fight against skin stress.

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Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask

There’s nothing healthier than a strong skin barrier. If you want this for your skin, put on this product from Dr. Jart+. It’s enriched with ceramide NP and panthenol that nourishes dry skin and boosts the skin barrier.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

If dullness, uneven skin tone, uneven texture and loss of firmness are your skin issues, this mask packed with PITERA™ — an ingredient packed with vitamins, minerals, organic acids and amino acids — is the one to pick up.

Saturday Skin Intense Hydration Mask

Refresh your skin with this mask that’s packed with saccharomyces ferment and antioxidants. On top of that, you can hydrate your skin with this too with the help of hyaluronic acid in its formula.

AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Facial Mask

This three-layered gold foil mask is soaked in the brand’s ampoule that contains moisturizing and firming ingredients that help your skin look soothed, healthy and plump.

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