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Thinking of Getting the Butterfly Haircut? This Is Your Sign

Thinking of Getting the Butterfly Haircut? This Is Your Sign

butterfly haircut trend

Will the butterfly haircut be your new ‘do in 2023?

If you’ve been contemplating getting this trendy haircut, this might help you decide. Find out everything you need to know about this Tiktok- and Pinterest-viral hairstyle.

What is the butterfly haircut?

The butterfly haircut is named after the way the look resembles the shape of a butterfly’s fluttering wings. It’s a layered hairstyle where the shortest frames the face. But instead of typical layers where the hair is shaped to go inwards and shape the face, the layers here go outward — like a butterfly’s wings.

Is it good for thin hair?

The bad news is, those with thinner hair will have to opt this one out because the style does thin out the hair. The cut goes well with medium texture hair that isn’t wavy but has pretty good volume to begin with.

What is the difference between a wolf cut and a butterfly haircut?

The main difference between the wolf cut and the butterfly hair cut is the shape. Think of the wolf cut as the child of the mullet and the shag. It’s pretty voluminous at the top and fades rather thinly at the bottom.

Meanwhile, the butterfly haircut is all about volume and wispiness. Think of it as a more refined Farrah Fawcett look — a longer fringe, longer layers but has that oomph from the volume even at the ends.

Is butterfly haircut easy to maintain?

The sad news is the butterfly haircut needs a lot of commitment. It has to be styled a certain way. It involves a lot of blow drying and primping. So you’re definitely gonna need heat protectant and a trusted blow dryer for this (or the popular Dyson Air Wrap can work too of course).

Get the style to look its best by using a large round brush and brushing your hair away from your face. This will provide volume and the carefree look the cut is known for.

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You can also use a curling iron to style your hair. Just make face-framing curls — they don’t have to be full curls, just waves. Brush them out for a more effortless look!

A texturizing cream, mousse or a mild-hold hairspray can also help keep the look in place the entire day.

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How to do the butterfly haircut at home

Feeling adventurous? Get your favorite pair of styling scissors and snip away with the help of this tutorial.

What to ask your hairstylist

The easiest way to let your hairstylist know what cut you’re looking for is to show them samples of the look! Together, you can figure out how many layers work best for your face shape and lifestyle.

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