Careline Powder Matte Lip Tint Review: Budget Everyday Product

careline powder matte lip tint

I’ve been seeing the Careline Powder Matte Lip Tint quite a bit. So, naturally I had to try it myself!

I’ll have to start this by saying I don’t wear lip tints that much, or at least not this kind. The ones I’m used to are matte but don’t have a powdery finish that this one claims to have.

Is this something you should consider including in your daily rotation? Read through this review for my thoughts!

Packaging, texture, color, scent

careline powder matte lip tint packaging

The Careline Powder Matte Lip Tint comes in a small roller, much like many other lip tints that have gone viral over the past few years. The packaging is a frosted glass, which is quite tasteful. You can see the color of the product right through the roller.

It doesn’t have a prominent scent; it doesn’t have a weird taste that some products usually have (when you accidentally ingest them) either.

In terms of texture, it’s a bit watery — something you’ll expect from a tint.


Applying it on the side of the lips can be a bit tricky because of its texture. But the excess product can definitely be easily be removed. You can go over with just one swipe so looks a bit natural but you should do two if you want full opacity and really see the tint’s color.

careline powder matte lip tint swatch

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The tint dries down to a powdery matte finish, as the product’s name suggests. It feels powdery too — no sticky feeling, not too drying. It’s really comfortable to wear. But it’s not quite as longlasting as other lip tints that leave some color on the lips even after eating or drinking.

Final verdict on the Careline Powder Matte Lip Tint

So is the Careline Powder Matte Lip Tint worth picking up? If you’re on a budget or are just starting to use makeup, this one is a good choice. Sure, you’re gonna need to touch up after drinking water or coffee or eating, but it’s not at all bothersome to do. It’s incredibly comfortable too — definitely more comfortable than most matte lip products. And for its price? It’s a steal.

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