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Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser Review

Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser Review

Here's a review of the Cathy Doll Acne Solution Cleanser.

Here we are, folks. I bring you the first in (what I hope will be) a series of reviews of beauty products in sachets. I put the Cathy Doll Acne Solution Cleanser (around P20) I got from 7/11 to the test. The buzz term for me here, of course, was “acne solution.” What made it more interesting, though, is that it’s supposedly a cleanser and serum in one.

The Cathy Doll Acne Solution Cleanser comes in a sachet you can easily try out.

A serum, according to Into the Gloss, is something you use in between a cleanser and a moisturizer. It’s meant to target specific problems of the skin and is more potent than a moisturizer. It’s less rich than a moisturizer, although it may also contain moisturizing properties.

So, when you use the Cathy Doll Acne Solution product, you’re supposedly washing away impurities while targeting specific skin woes.

Texture and scent

The Cathy Doll Acne Solution Serum + Foam Cleanser has a similar consistency to other cleansers. Texture-wise, it reminds me a lot of Ponds products.

For something that’s supposed to keep you moisturized (read: serum), my face felt quite dry after using it. It’s not something I dislike, though, since I have this weird way of thinking where if a cleanser leaves me feeling “squeaky clean,” I believe it’s really getting rid of gunk from my face.

Now, I’m not sensitive about scents. This product has a fragrance I’ve never experienced before. It smells very herbal, perhaps a bit too much so. To me, it smelled like rubbing leaves on my face. You get used to it, though, and the product doesn’t smell as strong as days go by.

Final thoughts

We’ve come to the part where I’m supposed to show you how my face looked like before starting to use this product, but I just realized that I failed to take an “after” photo. So, putting my acne-ridden skin minus the progress photo would be useless.

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Did the Cathy Doll Acne Solution Cleanser work, though? In a nutshell, yes. I finished the whole packet after 10 days and my skin was definitely calmer by then. I tried re-purchasing, but they were already sold out when I came back. This comes in a full-sized tube, though, so I might just pick one up when I visit the city one of these days.

Here are its ingredients, in case you’re interested.

Have you tried the Cathy Doll Acne Solution Cleanser before?