How To Ace the Clean Makeup Look on Asian Features

clean makeup look on asian features

The clean makeup look has been one of the hottest trends to come out of TikTok in 2022. But it has to be said: many of those who participated — the ‘inspo’ for it even — are blonde and blue-eyed. So I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the clean makeup look on Asian features too.

But before we get to it, what is this trend about exactly?

What is the clean makeup look?

The clean makeup look has a few elements: feathered brows, dewy skin, flushed cheeks and a glow from within. So basically, it’s not all too different from the no makeup makeup look. But the goal of the clean makeup look, they say, is to exude the vibe of elevated effortlessness — like you were born with ‘it’ (or were born rich).

What is the clean girl aesthetic?

The clean makeup look is often associated with the clean girl aesthetic. If you’re unfamiliar with this ~aesthetic, it’s characterized by a polished yet effortless look. Think: sleek low bun, a no makeup makeup look, silk coordinates, and chic accessories such as gold hoops.

Clean makeup look on Asian features

While the look is widely loved in the TikTok sphere, it also has its share of criticisms. One of the major ones is that it’s too Euro-centric. Does the look work on us Asians too? Are there things we need to consider when we want to ace this look? Here’s a quick guide.

1. Pick your favorite no makeup makeup look products

Makeup is personal, so make sure you pick products that are tailored exactly for your features — your skin’s undertone, your eye shape, etc. — and your preferences. The only thing to remember is to choose the ones that would go well with the no makeup makeup look.

2. Mind the formula

While there are no hard rules in creating this type of look, it’s good to get inspired by what others have found to be suitable for them in terms of formulas. For instance, instead of using a heavy coverage foundation, opt for a skin tint. Ditch the brow pomade and use a thin eyebrow pencil for natural, hair-like strokes. Cream blushes look more ‘natural’ than powder blushes. Lip tints also tend to give a more natural look instead of a cream lipstick.

3. Follow these steps


Any good makeup look starts with — you guessed it — proper skincare. You need to lay the base nicely. Make sure you cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin properly before applying makeup.

Ace the base — or don’t

You have the option to rock a full face using a tinted moisturizer or a skin tint. Or you can also ditch the base and just conceal where you think you need a bit of help with.

If you do opt to go for a face base, here are some options to choose from.

blk cosmetics Universal Skin Tint Sun Shield
blk cosmetics Universal Skin Tint Sun Shield

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Happy Skin Second Skin Tinted Moisturizer
Happy Skin Second Skin Tinted Moisturizer

Wear a natural flush

I love blush! But for the clean makeup look, I (and you) need to remember not to go overboard with the application of our favorite rouges — on top of picking the right color that makes us look naturally flushed, of course. If you’re using a cream blush, try warming up the product using your fingers before applying it on your cheeks and then buff it out with a brush or a damp sponge for the ultimate just-finished-working-out look (without the actual working out part).

Tame your brows

Your eyebrows can definitely make or break your look, no matter if you believe it or not! They frame the face, so it should go without saying that they’re an important part of any look. For the clean makeup look, it’s all about keeping them tamed. They don’t need to look super polished, just put-together. You can use a brow mascara or an eyebrow pencil — it’s totally up to you.

Just the right amount of glow

We all love that glow. But for this no makeup makeup look, restraint should be observed. You can still get glowing but make sure it’s not too obvious. The key is in making it look like you’re lit from within.

A lip color that’s barely there

Finish off your clean makeup look with a lip color that looks like your own lips’ but better. Et voila! You’ve achieved acing this trending look on your Asian features.

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