Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick In Catwalk / Rad Or Bad?



When I was younger, one of our neighbors would sometimes come to our house and bring a brochure of storage products — Tupperware to be exact. So, I’ve always been familiar with the brand. What I was surprised to learn recently, though, is that they also carry beauty products now.

My husband’s family help sells Tupperware products. While we were staying at his hometown, ate* asked if I wanted to buy from her. I was already thinking about the things I might buy — a lunchbox for my daughter, maybe some boxes for keeping food — but was sidetracked when I discovered that Tupperware sells cosmetics and fragrances now, too, under the Colour Collection brand. (I still did buy things for my daughter, though.)

I don’t really need to buy new makeup yet, but I couldn’t resist trying the brand out. So, I settled for the safest product: a lipstick. I picked the one from the Ultimate Wear line.

The product claims to moisturize the lips and give it a coat of color that would last for as long as eight hours.




The Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick comes in a black tube with a transparent portion below the lid that shows the product’s color. It reminded me a bit of the Wet ‘N Wild Megalast Lipstick‘s packaging, although they’re not really identical.

Color, Texture, Pigmentation

The shade range is good — nothing that would overwhelm you. I picked Catwalk, a mixture of pink and purple.

I was excited to test the product out and assumed that it was similar to my other matte lipsticks because of its long-wearing claim, but I was a bit taken aback when I opened the tube and twisted out the product. It looked like an intensely colored lip balm.

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And then I swiped the product on my lips.

colour collection ultimate wear lipstick catwalk
Here’s a photo of my bare lips for reference. Please pardon my chicken pox scars; like my adult acne, they’ve decided to stay on my face.
colour collection ultimate wear lipstick catwalk 2
It applied like a lip balm, so at least they weren’t lying about the product being moisturizing. The photo above shows one layer of the product. It looks like I just finished sipping wine, which isn’t really a flattering look on me.
On the box it says to wait five minutes for the color to set.
colour collection ultimate wear lipstick catwalk 3

Here’s what it looks like after five minutes. Yes, they look exactly the same. I tried leaving it on for thirty minutes though and that’s the only time the product settled. It dried like a matte lipstick, and it really stuck to my lips. Taking it off was weird, too, because unlike matte lipsticks, I couldn’t wipe it off easily.

Is it rad or bad?

I’m not sure if I was just expecting too much from this, but I was really disappointed. It’s not entirely bad, but maybe they should have packaged this as a lipstain and not a lipstick so people like me would know what to watch out for.
Have you tried the Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick before?
And how weird — in an awesomely surprising way — is it that this was made by Tupperware?
*Ate is what we call women who are older than us.