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Crayons BB Cream Review: Cheap And Good But…

Crayons BB Cream Review: Cheap And Good But…

Here's a review of the blogger-favorite HBC Crayons BB Cream.

My — and maybe your — beauty purchases are mostly informed by YouTube content consumption. Influencers? Some of them truly are. Which leads us to this Crayons BB Cream review.

I’d heard nothing but good things about this product. Good coverage? Check. Nice finish? Check. Incredibly inexpensive? Check. Too good to be true? Let’s discuss.


The Crayons BB Cream comes in a nifty little lavender tube.

It would be unfair to expect any heft or even a remotely mid-range feel from a product that costs Php89. The pink-lavender tube feels lightweight but not flimsy. I was scared that the cap would not “lock” but it hasn’t failed me yet, so that’s good.

Color and texture

Let’s start with the good parts first. For its price, the Crayons BB Cream has a moisturizing, thick cream-like texture that doesn’t feel tacky.

A drop of the product in the shade Natural Beauty.

The part I don’t love? It smells like plastic, but you only really smell it when you take a whiff. While applying it, you won’t really notice anything — something to take note of in case you’re particular about scents. It’s forgivable for me, though, considering the price (you can’t really price this low if you need to spend more on fragrance, so I get it).

The Crayons BB Cream is a bit too orange on me.

The thing I dislike most about it, though, is the color selection. It comes in only two shades: Fair Lady and Natural Beauty. The Natural Beauty shade is two shades darker than me. I’ve heard that if you’re around my color (NC30-35), mixing the two shades is the answer, but considering how hard it is to get a hold of this product, that might be a difficult route.

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Application and results

The Crayons BB Cream in Natural Beauty when applied on NC30 skin.
Left: freshly applied, right: with other makeup products on.

What the Crayons BB Cream lack in shade variety, it makes up for in coverage and longevity. I find that it’s best to apply it with a damp sponge or your fingers. A dense, flat top brush would work well, too. It applies evenly and gives a decent amount of coverage, which reminds me of the Maybelline Super BB Cream — enough to even out your skin tone and hide just a bit of your skin discoloration. It also doesn’t look gray at all when applied, thank God. The finish is demi-matte, which is great for everyday use.

It holds up blush and bronzer quite well, too. After a full day, it still looks good on my dry skin.

Overall, I like my experience with the Crayons BB Cream, but I still wish they’d come out with more shades. (Filipinas have a wide range of skin tones — not just two, HBC.)