Want the Curly Wolf Cut Hairstyle? Here’s How to Get It

curly wolf cut hair

Can a curly wolf cut style work? Of course! If you’ve been wanting to try this hybrid hairstyle but are unsure if it suits your hair type, I’m here to fill you in.

What is a wolf cut?

A wolf cut is a hybrid of the shag and the mullet.

The shag first became popular in the ’70s, particularly when Jane Fonda debuted it. The hairstyle is layered, choppy, and feathery. The mullet also debuted and became popular in the ’70s, thanks to the likes of David Bowie (or his alter ego Ziggy Stardust). The look is often referred to as the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ style.

curly wolf cut hair

The baby of these two looks became popular on TikTok this year (the hashtag for it currently has 673 million views with people DIYing the look at home), and we have Asian musicians and celebrities to thank for it — KPop superstars, in particular. (If you want to be even more specific, Teen Vogue attributes the rise of the hairstyle to TXT member Beomgyu.)

Western celebs followed suit. We’ve seen Debby Ryan, Barbie Ferreira, and more wearing the look. Now, what about curly wolf cut?

The curly wolf cut hairstyle can easily be achieved at home.

Can you do a wolf cut on curly hair?

If you need photographic proof, just look at Bretman Rock. While his curls are more on the wavy side and not as coiled as others’, it confirms that the trending style can definitely be adopted by anyone who doesn’t have straight hair.

If you can, go to a professional known for the look so you can get the style just how you want it. You can even pick up tips on upkeep and styling! But if you want to DIY it, you can definitely do so too. There are tons of videos TikTok and YouTube showing how you can achieve the look at home with just rubber bands or hair ties, a pair of scissors, and a comb.

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Below’s a tutorial by a professional. You can ask someone you trust to help you follow this:

If you want to do it yourself, here’s a tutorial of someone who cut her own curly hair.

Will wolf cut suit me?

Now, this might be the question hindering you from finally getting that snip and rocking the curly wolf cut hairstyle. At Mad Cherry, we encourage everyone to veer away from style rules and guides and just try things if you’re curious about them. So definitely go ahead and try it yourself. I read that this cut also gives your curly hair more volume, so go off and show off! P.S. If you need to give your hair some TLC after your new haircut, here’s a simple curly girl method routine.

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