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Boost Your Skin’s Glow and Moisture With the Help of These Products

Boost Your Skin’s Glow and Moisture With the Help of These Products

dewha baby glow bundle

As someone who juggles many responsibilities and is always pressed for time, I don’t have the luxury of following a 10- or 12-step skincare routine. Simplicity is where it’s at for me.

So I was curious when I learned about Dewha, whose tagline is ‘Skincare shouldn’t be complicated.’ The brand offers skincare solutions that promise to help women who have a lot on their plate to not worry about taking care of their skin — sounds like me.

I have dry, dull skin and the glass skin goals that K-Beauty has popularized still has a pull on me. So I was excited to try the Dewha Baby Glow Bundle. It’s actually a duo of the Dewha Intense Hydrating Essence Mask and the Dewha Gold Intense Anti-aging Daily Serum.

dewha baby glow bundle

The products — which, may I say, look quite luxe — claim to give you ‘glowing, smoother, firmer and younger-looking’ skin in 15 days when you use them together.

We all count on our acids and vitamin C for giving us that coveted glow, but there’s one thing you may be overlooking in the quest to find radiance. What is it? Hydration! Well-hydrated and amply moisturized skin is not only glowing but also strong.

Dewha Intense Hydrating Essence Mask review

Dewha Intense Hydrating Essence Mask

So I find it great that the Dewha Intense Hydrating Essence Mask is part of the duo that promises glowing skin. It has hyaluronic acid, which is known to hold 1,000 times its weight in water a.k.a. retain moisture in your skin. The sheet fits well on the face and stays on snugly. You can even walk around it on, but we all know the best way to reap the benefits of a sheet mask is by putting it on and lounging on the couch.

Dewha Intense Gold Intense Anti-Aging Daily Serum review

This one’s eye candy, for sure. The pink bottle with the flecks of gold would look good on anyone’s vanity — it sure looks good on mine.

But apart from the premium packaging, it also promises lots of premium benefits for the skin.

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The Gold Intense Anti-Aging Daily Serum also has sodium hyaluronate that’s excellent at reducing skin dryness and flakiness. On top of that, it also has Bifida Ferment Lysate, which can be seen in other more popular serums. It’s a probiotic that protects the skin from UV damage — the best type of anti-aging! — and helps with DNA repair. It has Centella Asiatica that’s great for soothing the skin too.

The serum’s incredibly lightweight — no stickiness or oiliness here — so it gets absorbed quickly and amply hydrates the skin.

So if you’re looking to streamline your skincare routine while boosting your skin’s moisture and glow, check out Dewha.

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