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Is the Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Foundation Rad or Bad?

Is the Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Foundation Rad or Bad?

Find out whether the Essence Stay All Day 16 Long Lasting Makeup is rad or bad.

I saw Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Foundation at a mall one day and wanted to pick it up because of its price; it retails for only P479. But I hesitated — before finally diving in —because of the notion that you get what you pay for.

I’m not a brand snob but I am willing to shell out more than I normally would for a product, especially a foundation, if I can prove that it lives up to its promises. After trying the foundation out for a couple of months, here’s what I learned.

My skin is normal to dry with warm undertones and my color belongs to the light-medium range.

Shade Range

The range offers only four shades. And much to my dismay, the store near me carries only two of them: soft beige, which has a yellow undertone, and soft nude, which has a pink undertone.

The old packaging of Essence Stay All Day 16h Long-Lasting Makeup
This is the old packaging! It now comes in a sleeker-looking bottle.


The packaging did not make my heart skip a beat, but the pump on the Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Foundation proved to be effective at helping me avoid making a mess.

All that Jazz

Consistency and Texture

The foundation has a thick consistency, as you would expect from a product that promises to last long.

A swatch of the foundation on the hand


I am not particular about scents, so the strong fragrance the foundation has does not bother me. It’s musky — something in the same scent family as Brut but milder.

Coverage and Wear

The product provides medium to full coverage — the same effect one would get from using a powder foundation. Another layer of it on and people would be able to tell you’re wearing foundation, but despite its thickness I found it did not completely cover the freckles on the upper part of my left cheek.

Without makeup my pores are not noticeable, but using this emphasized them. A thick moisturizer before putting on a pore-minimizing primer would help because this clings to dry patches.

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If you have acidic skin, go a shade lighter than you normally would because this will oxidize.
It promises 16-hour coverage but I find that it stays on for six hours maximum. I live in a tropical country, though, so the humidity here might play a big factor when it comes to the product’s wear time.

Is the Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Foundation rad or bad?

I haven’t come across a product I completely despised. There are a lot of good things about the foundation but it’s not something I would put on a pedestal and ask all my friends to buy. If you’re on a budget and need a foundation to practice with, give this one a go.

Have you tried Essence Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting foundation before? What do you think of it?