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Eyebrow Microblading 101 and the Best Studios in the Philippines

Eyebrow Microblading 101 and the Best Studios in the Philippines

eyebrow microblading philippines

Want to look put-together from the moment you wake up? One of the ways to achieve this is by getting eyebrow microblading. Yes, you can definitely say ‘I woke up like this’ when you get one.

But if you’re used to more traditional forms of eyebrow grooming such as waxing or eyebrow threading and this is the first time you’re hearing about eyebrow microblading, I’m sure you have lots of questions. So let me fill you in and hopefully help you discover whether this semi-permanent form of brow tattooing is for you.

woman getting her eyebrows microbladed

What is eyebrow microblading?

It’s a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that is similar to makeup tattooing. The difference between the two lies in the needles used during the treatments. Microblading uses a pen with a nib (which is actually a sloped blade) to ensure that the strokes look natural. Meanwhile, traditional makeup tattoo for the brows uses needles similar to the ones used in tattooing other parts of the body.

Microblading also doesn’t go as deep into the layer of the skin as tattooing.

How long do microbladed eyebrows last?

Since the treatment is not permanent, microbraded eyebrows do fade after some time. The longevity also depends on where you get the treatment from and your lifestyle — it can be anywhere between 18 weeks and a year.

How much does microblading cost?

The cost also depends on where you get the treatment from, but in the Philippines, the range is from P10,000 to P80,000.

What is the downside of microblading?

There aren’t any outright downsides to microblading. In fact, it can be quite helpful in cutting your time and the expenses related to grooming your brows especially if you do so daily. But there are still some things to watch out for.

It would be great to learn what ink will the treatment provider will use to know if you may be allergic to it. If all’s good and you do get the treatment, the next thing to consider and put a premium on is the aftercare. Since microblading is kind of like wounding your skin, there is a chance to get an infection if you don’t take care of your brows properly. But other than that, it will be smooth sailing and you can enjoy waking up with the perfect brows — one less thing to think about.

If you’re keen on getting it done, here are eyebrow microblading studios in the Philippines to consider.

Where to get eyebrow microblading in the Philippines

1. Brow and Beauty Lounge

brow and beauty lounge ph
Photo by Brow and Beauty Lounge PH

This beauty lounge located in Las Piñas offers semi- and permanent eyebrow makeup, including microblading. The brand also does microshading, which is a bit like adding a shade or shadow to your brows for a fuller effect if you’re not too into feather-like strokes. The brow artist is also a makeup artist, so if you ever have a need for one for a special occasion, you can definitely consider her too.

AddressMarcos Alvarez Ave. Talon 5 Las Piñas City
Contact number09565103608

2. Brow Designery by Shebby

If you fell into the rabbithole that was the YouTube beauty community in the mid- to late-2010s like I did, you’re probably familiar with Shebby Liquete. While she’s retired from the content creation side of beauty, she’s now become a full-fledged licensed brow artist.

AddressPr1mo Building, 27 Gloria Diaz Street BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas City
Contact number09667187889


Want to know exactly what will be used on you before you get your eyebrows done? may just be the place you need to visit. The artist is trained and licensed under PhiBrows, an internationally recognized school for microblading.

AddressOne Orchard Road, Eastwood, Quezon City
Contact number09267135659

4. Browhaus

Browhaus has been in the brow biz for decades now, so it’s no surprise that it also offers microblading. If you’re looking for a place with good reputation and is fairly accessible — they have lots of locations in Metro Manila — this one’s good to consider.

PricingStarts at P42,800
AddressVarious locations
Contact number09178827697

5. Brush n’ Brows

brush n brows

Aside from microblading, this beauty studio also offers powder brows, microshading and combination brows — you’ll definitely find the treatment that suits your style and needs best here.

Address#696 J. Abad Santos St. Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan City
Contact number09177750755

6. Browssentials


Fan of feathery-looking eyebrows? Head to Browssentials for your transformation. The artist specializes in this style, so you’re sure to get natural-looking hair-like strokes.

AddressBacoor, Cavite
Contact number09190983425

7. Pretty Looks

prettylooks cashmere brows

Looking for a celeb-approved studio? Pretty Looks is one of the places you must first consider. It’s been in the aesthetic business for close to 40 years now and has a long list of celebrity clients. Aside from eyebrow microblading, the studio also offers other aesthetic services including facials and non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures.

AddressVarious locations
Contact numberVarious numbers

8. Strokes

If convenience, aside from expertise, is what you’re looking for, Strokes is it. The brand has a studio that you can visit, but it also has a luxe mobile studio. It’s a different kind of pampering session. For those who wish to get their brows done at home, Strokes also offers home service — talk about convenience!

PricingStarts at P20,000
AddressVarious locations
Contact numberVarious numbers

Did this help you decide whether or not to get eyebrow microblading? Let us know below. Feel free to share this with friends too!

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