Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow threading philippines

The phrase ‘kilay is life’ couldn’t be truer now that only the upper half of our faces are uncovered. I’ve always minded my eyebrows but now I’m considering trying new ways to groom them like eyebrow threading. It’s become quite popular in the Philippines and there are lots of places offering the service now.

But what is it really and how do you know where to get one for the best results? Let’s discover the answers together!

What is eyebrow threading and how long does it last?

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal process that makes use of — yes, you guessed it — thread. It originated from India (though some say Central Asian countries like Iran and Afghanistan).

A piece of thread is doubled and twisted and then rolled over hairs you’d like to be removed.

what is eyebrow threading and how long does it last?

Is threading good for your eyebrows?

It’s good for your eyebrows in the sense that it provides a precise finish. The process can take out even the shortest or tiniest of hair. It also provides you with the liberty to choose exactly how much or how little you want to remove. You can thread a single piece of hair or an entire row of it.

Many have observed that their hair grows back evenly too, which is as a plus in terms of maintenance. No awkward patches here!

Is eyebrow threading painful?

The one thing that’s been keeping so many from trying the service out is the perceived pain. Many say that it’s more painful than waxing and plucking. But the truth is, it’s actually considered the least painful of all eyebrow grooming techniques.

But, of course, what’s considered painful is personal. So it will still depend on your threshold. If you regularly get waxed, though, you don’t need to worry about this — one may be more painful than the other but not extremely so. You can definitely do it!

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is threading better than waxing?

Is threading better than waxing?

The difference between eyebrow threading and waxing is the former doesn’t tug at your skin. There’s no risk of scabbing or stretching. There’s also less prep and post-care needed when you get your eyebrows threaded.

The skin will have a little redness, and in some cases very minor irritation because the cotton thread rubs against the skin. So it’s always best to exercise some caution if your skin’s on the sensitive side of the spectrum.

Now, did that get you intrigued to try eyebrow threading? Here are some places you may consider for your first time.

Eyebrow threading salons in the Philippines