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Here’s the 411 on Eyebrow Tinting

Here’s the 411 on Eyebrow Tinting

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It’s no secret that the eyebrows can make or break your makeup look. So I’m sure you already have an eyebrow routine when you’re getting dolled up. I know it can be quite tedious to do every so often though. Well, that’s where treatments come in. But if you’re not ready for eyebrow microblading or lamination yet, perhaps you’d want to give eyebrow tint a shot.

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What does an eyebrow tint do?

An eyebrow tint gives your brows a semi-permanent color. The tint also helps give the sparse areas of your brows a fuller, filled-in look. You can look at it as a temporary dye or stain.

You can get it professionally done for more polished results. The price varies based on the brow studio but it’s between P190 and P500.

Can eyebrow tinting look natural?

Of course, the initial application of the tint will make your brows look incredibly dark. But once you remove the excess product, the effect will look quite natural. It will look even more natural as the tint fades.

How long does an eyebrow tint last?

The staining lasts about a week while the color on the hairs can be visible for up to two weeks.

Eyebrow tint at home

Curious to see if you can achieve fuller-looking, defined brows at home? That’s definitely an option. And it’s pretty easy to do too. You just need a brow tint (or you can also go the old-fashioned route and use a hair dye — though it’s safer to use products that are meant to be near or around the eye area).

Here are a couple of options:

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Will you try eyebrow tinting?