Foodaholic Sunscreen Review — Affordable and Effective?

foodaholic sunscreen review

Is the Foodaholic sunscreen worth the hype?

Sunscreens are tricky for me. I’m always plagued by the conundrum of whether or not I should splurge on them because they’re an everyday, use-it-multiple-times-in-the-day type of product. Should I invest (a.k.a. spend lots of money) in one because it’s super important? Or should I go for a cheap one because it’s more practical?

I’m at a phase where I’m more inclined to go for the latter. So it’s a good thing I found the Foodaholic sunscreen. More than anything else, it’s budget-friendly. But does it work? Here’s my review.

foodaholic sunscreen

Packaging, texture, color, scent

The Foodaholic sunscreen comes in a white and orange tube packaging. It has a twist cap (which I prefer over flip top caps).

The sunscreen has a creamy texture, though not overly thick. Think of sunscreens you grew up with — this one falls into that category. It’s white, much like other sunscreens.

As far as scents go, this one has a fresh fragrance that’s unlike most sunscreens. I enjoy its smell while putting it on.

foodaholic sunscreen packaging


Speaking of putting on, this one’s a joy to use. I love tube packaging because it makes it easy for me to use the product just the way I like it — using the two finger method. Over the years, I’ve learned to apply by layers so products get easily absorbed. The texture of the product contributes to this, too, of course.

But you may be pleased to know that the Foodaholic sunscreen feels like a moisturizer (albeit with just a little more grip). The product feels light on the skin once it’s fully absorbed.

It doesn’t pill. It doesn’t leave a white cast either.

I don’t like sunscreens that sting when you sweat — I mean, I suppose nobody does. Well, this one doesn’t sting.

foodaholic sunscreen texture

Final verdict

My husband and I went for a really, really long walk sometime last month and, of course, I had to put the Foodaholic sunscreen, which has SPF50 and PA+++, to the test. We walked for a total of two hours under the morning sun, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t get burned.

So, yes, this one’s effective at warding off the harsh rays of the sun.

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As far as its claims of whitening the skin, courtesy of the arbutin and adenosine in its formula, I can’t vouch for the effectiveness yet. I’m using a vitamin C serum in the morning, too, so that could be another factor as to why my facial skin would be brighter (if it is).

I don’t use sunscreens for whitening though, just prevention for wrinkles and sun damage so having brighter skin will just be a bonus.

In all, I’ve been enjoying this product. It lives up to its claim of protecting your skin from the sun. It hydrates it too.

So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly sun care product, the Foodaholic sunscreen is definitely something to consider.

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