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Is the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock For You?

Is the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock For You?

We went lakeside sometime this week, which is the perfect time to try the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock. Here's my review.

The latest sunscreen I put to the test is the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock. Wearing sunscreen became higher in my hierarchy of skincare to-dos when I turned 30. But I have to admit that even so, my criteria for what makes a good sunscreen has not become bigger. That has made it hard for me to find a holy grail. On the flip side, it’s a great excuse to try out as many sunscreens as I can.

I’ve been using this particular sunblock for a couple of weeks now and have taken it with me on a quick trip where the sun is in full view. Here’s my review.

Packaging, scent, texture

The Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sun Block comes in a tube, much like other sunscreens in the market.

Much like many other sunscreens, the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock comes in a tube. But this one’s a bit more eye-catching because of the aloe vera and ice illustration that gives you a hint of what it promises. Scent-wise, it doesn’t smell like the usual sunscreen; it has a scent inspired by aloe vera (or cucumber). As for the texture, the product claims it’s a watery essence. It’s more like a watery cream for me, though.


The texture of the Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sun Block

It stung a bit when I first applied it, so if you have really sensitive skin, do take a patch test first. My skin got used to it quickly after that though. I apply it every morning after my cleanser and moisturizer — yes, even indoors. (You can watch my minimalist morning skincare routine here if you’re interested.) I apply two fingers’ worth, in layers.

The Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV sunblock feels sticky upon initial application but the feeling does go away once it dries down. It also gives off a cooling effect, but it’s hardly noticeable. (The Cathy Doll sunscreen I’ve tried in the past has a more menthol-like feel to it than this.)

If you’re worried about using it under makeup, it’s worth noting that it does leave a white cast, but it dissipates after a few minutes.

Claims, final thoughts

The Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock has SPF50 PA++ claims to give “superior sun protection” while keeping the skin cool and hydrated. I agree. I was under the sun last weekend with this on and my skin didn’t get burnt or discolored.

Do take note to wear this when you won’t be sweating. I put it on a couple of times before doing chores and it stung my eyes as I sweat. So this is a no-go if you’re heading out for a run or doing any type of outdoor activity that doesn’t involve immersing in the water.

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Plus points that this didn’t break me out!

If you’re on a budget but want to diligently protect your skin from UV rays, go for this product that retails for P299 a tube. I got mine through Lazada.

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