Giving My Hair More Volume Feat. Irresistible Me Clip-In Hair Extensions

I suffer from hair loss. It baffles me how I’m not bald yet.

I’ve always had a problem with hair loss. My condition got a bit better when I was in college, I think, but got back to its dire state when I gave birth to my daughter three years ago. The hair loss goes away, according to some forums I read, but mine didn’t exactly stop. I guess I just stopped minding it, until a couple of months ago.

Let’s just say I already considered going to the doctor because I thought something was seriously wrong about my health. There were lots of hair on the floor, on the bed, everywhere.

I tried using a shampoo that claims to make things better but it only made my hair feel coarse. I still lost a lot of hair.

See, I have Type 1 hair. It’s naturally straight. It’s the type of hair that doesn’t agree with curling. I know a lot of people go through series of rebonding and relaxing treatments to get stick straight hair, but I’m not really a fan of it. (Oh you know, just human nature — wanting something you don’t have.) I want volume. I want body. I want more hair. (And, well, I’m scared I might go bald if the hair loss continues.)

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting clip-in hair extensions before but never really took it seriously because, 1) I didn’t know where to get them and 2) I don’t know how to use them.

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So, it was great timing when the lovely Madison from Irresistible Me approached me to ask if I was interested in trying their product. They offer clip-in hair extensions made from human hair. She asked me to choose from their Silky Touch line.

I’m far from being an expert at clip-in hair extensions but these are the things I learned from the experience wearing them so far.

Length and Volume

There are different weights and lengths of extensions and you should choose depending on what you want to achieve. Irresistible Me has guides that help you distinguish what length to go for. Since I wanted more volume, I got 200 g. of the 20 in. clip-ins, which were closest to my real hair’s length.


I obviously don’t want people to know that I’m wearing extensions so choosing the right color was crucial. Irresistible Me has video clips that help you choose which color would suit you best, and I’m happy to report that I got just the shade I needed.


Now, this was the part I struggled with because I was completely new to the idea of hair extensions. But after a couple of tries, I think I’ve found a way that works best for me. It’s pretty easy, actually. (I just really didn’t know what I was doing at first. I suggest you watch tutorials on how to apply extensions if you’re new to it like me. I found Teni Panosian’s really helpful.)
You just unlock the clips, part your hair where you want to put them and clip them in. 
Make sure you place them in a way that the bands don’t peek through your hair, though.


You will definitely feel like you’re wearing something but it’s nothing annoying. It’s just like wearing a set of clips. 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy clip-in extensions now. I can give my hair more volume without styling it or using heat and hair products. The prospect of cutting off my real hair isn’t as daunting now, too, because I can have long hair just by clipping some in whenever I want. Plus, it’s made of human hair so if I ever get the urge to do so, I can style it, color it or trim it. It’s rad!

Have you tried clip-in hair extensions? What do you think about them?

Irresistible Me sent me their product to try. I was not paid to make this post.