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Graduation Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

Graduation Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

graduation makeup looks

I did my college graduation makeup. I can’t recall the products I used anymore, but I have a vague remembrance of what the look was. There are no pictures, for the same reason I did my makeup in the first place — we didn’t have money to pay for the professional services. However, I’m sure I wore a warm-colored eyeshadow (maybe a bit orange) and brownish nude lipstick. Did it look good? I don’t know! If it didn’t, I’m glad I don’t have pictures. Haha.

graduation makeup looks

If it happened at this time, though, I think I’d have a better chance at pulling it off. Thank the universe for drugstore brands that have stepped up their game and trusty YouTube tutorials. Speaking of the latter, if you or anyone you know is attending graduation this year (hopefully through Zoom and not in person) and they want to put on makeup for the occasion, here are graduation makeup looks that won’t make them look washed out.

Elevated no-makeup makeup

If you want something fresh for your graduation makeup look, this tutorial by Haley Kim is perfect for you. She said she wanted to focus on just enhancing her features and keep things clean instead of going glam or trying out trends so as not to make the look dated. I think it’s a great idea, especially for those who do not use makeup often. She put an emphasis on the use of products that match perfectly and are matte.

Classic glam

Step up your graduation makeup a notch with Booyah’s modern take on classic glam. I love this type of look. You’ll see that it’s not natural by any means but it’s also not over the top. But, to me, this is the definition of “for any occasion makeup.” Plus points because she used products that are locally available (if not made in the Philippines)! The lip color choice is exquisite.

Glowing glam

Now, if you want to do this era’s definition of glam for your graduation makeup, here’s the tutorial to follow. I like how she did the eyeshadow look. It has dimension, which would look really good when photographed. Most of the products are available locally, too!

If you’re graduating this year, congrats! I hope this helps you zero in on the look you’ll go for on that special day and inspire you to try doing it yourself. (Remember to take pictures!)

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