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All the Hailey Bieber Nail Looks You’ll Want To Try

All the Hailey Bieber Nail Looks You’ll Want To Try

hailey bieber nails

From Glazed Donut to Blueberry Milk

There’s no denying that Hailey Bieber’s nail looks are super fun to wear — whether your like her or not! They’re the perfect mix of elegance and playfulness. If you’ve been meaning to wear them but don’t know where to start, here’s everything you need to know.

What are the viral Hailey Bieber nails?

Photo by @haileybieber

Say hello to the one that started it all — the glazed donut. It’s basically a nude nail polish with a little bit of silver chrome on top. The look is very much like the food item it was named after! It got so popular — people really wanted to try it themselves — that Hailey posted a step-by-step tutorial with the actual products her nail artist used to achieve it.

She later went just a tad darker than the glazed donut and gave us gunmetal chrome vibes.

Hailey switched it up and took a 180 later with a yellow that has just a teensy hint of green.

Perhaps she also wanted to see if the red nails theory is real because we also saw her sporting the look.

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😴 after a long day this is the best feeling

♬ girls like me don't cry (sped up) – thuy

The most recent addition to the growing number of nail trends Hailey Bieber is starting? Tortoiseshell. But there are pops of blueberry milk here and there too.

What to ask for to get the Hailey Bieber nails

This depends on what you’re looking to get, of course. If that’s the ‘glazed donut’, ask for a pearly chrome. If it’s the others, it’s best to show your nail artist a peg so they can nail the look (pun intended).

Which of these Hailey Bieber nails will you be trying? Or you may also want to try the trending Barbie nails!