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Hair Color 2024: 5 Trends To Try

Hair Color 2024: 5 Trends To Try

hair color 2024

New year, new hair? Ah, I get it! I truly do. I’m always itching to try something new when the new year comes. I’ve settled on my hair color for 2024. But if you’re still unsure about what to go for, I’m here to help you out.

Here are some of the hottest hair color trends of 2024 that will help you express yourself.

Pastel Please

pastels are making a comeback as a hair trend in 2024

Remember the mid-2010s? It seemed like everyone was wearing a pastel hair color. The trend died down a bit, but it’s making a big comeback this year.

If you’re a fan of dreamy, whimsical looks, pastel hues are perfect for you. Think soft pinks, lavenders, light blues.

This trend is all about embracing your playful self and letting it take centerstage.

You can opt for just highlights or two big locks on the front or go full-on with your whole head of pastel color. No matter the style, pastel is here to stay.

Hot Metallics

2024 is the year of hot metallic colors for the hair

Pinterest predicted the rise of hot metals when it comes to jewelry in 2024. But hear me out — I think the trend will trickle down to beauty.

Chrome and silver tones are what you need. Inspired by futuristic aesthetics, this trend is perfect for those who want an edgier, more modern look this year. Plus points if you pair this with an equally edgy hairstyle like the jellyfish haircut or the hime cut.

Natural but not quite

keep it natural but not quite in 2024 with this trendy hair color

It’s all about enhancing what’s natural. If you’re not a big risk-taker, you’ll love this hair color trend for 2024.

Go a little lighter and opt for browns if you’re feeling it. Think you’re ready for something a little bit more adventurous but still on the natural side? Opt for honey blondes or rich chestnuts. It’s all about warmth and effortlessness!


oil-slick-inspired hair color may just be what you should sport this year

An oil slick in real life isn’t good. But as a color for the hair? It’s amazing!

You’ll get a multidimensional look with this trend. Rich purples, blues, greens and a bit of black on your crowning glory — topped off with a glossy finish. Chef’s kiss!

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This is perfect for those who prefer a bold, unconventional look. Exude mystique with this trend!

Red hot

red hair color is for you this year

Red is the star of hair colors in 2024! (That may be a little biased because this is the color I’m getting this year, but that doesn’t make this prediction wrong.)

If you’re looking to wear a color that symbolizes the passion you have for making your dreams a reality this year — you know this one’s for you (too).

Whether you opt for a fiery red, vibrant orange or an intense copper, you’re sure to rock the look.


This year brings a kaleidoscope of hair color trends. So, dare to be bold, experiment and find the best one that fits your personality and style! Cheers to your new hair color in 2024!

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