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What Is the Hime Cut and Should You Get It?

What Is the Hime Cut and Should You Get It?

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If you’re looking for a drastic hair change this year, let your new style be the Hime cut.

It’s pretty bold; definitely not boring at all. You’ve also probably seen it! It was everywhere and on everyone in 2021 — from the Haim sisters to Lisa of Blackpink. But what is it exactly and should it really be your new hairstyle for this year? Let’s figure that out together!

What is the Hime cut?

Many people also refer to it as the ‘anime haircut’ because many anime characters sport the look. (My daughter also told me that Yun Jin from Genshin Impact wears the style.) But what does it look like?

It usually consists of chin-length side locks and a full fringe; the rest of the hair is long. It’s definitely not your conventional layered look and the delineation between the side locks and the rest of the hair is apparent. But that’s exactly what makes it interesting!

There are also various hime cut styles. There’s cheek-length and chin-length. There’s also a double sidelock cut.

If you’re looking for something that’s not as blunt on the edges, there’s the tapered cut. Prefer your hair to be short? There’s the bob and lob versions of this cut too.

Have wavy or curly hair? You can still sport the hime cut!

It’s actually quite versatile to wear! The key is in making sure that there is a considerable gap between the side locks and the rest of your hair.

K-pop star Hyun Ah wearing a wavy hime cut.
K-pop star Hyun Ah wearing a wavy hime cut.
Photo by @hyunah_aa

Why is it called a hime cut?

Hime means ‘princess’ in Japanese, but it wasn’t only royalties that wore the style when it was introduced and first became popular.

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During the Heian period (that’s between 794 to 1185), women who turn 20 get a haircut in a ‘binsogi’ ceremony to somewhat symbolise coming of age.

The cut became popular again in Japan in the ’70s when singer Megumi Asaoka made it her signature look.

What face shape is good for hime cut?

With all the variations of the cut, you’re bound to find something that will suit your face shape (and personality) best! So don’t limit yourself by thinking that you have to have a certain face shape to rock this look.

If your face shape agrees with a chin-length cut, then go for it! If you think a cheek-length cut suits you better, get it.

How do I give myself the hime cut?

It can definitely be daunting to try getting hime haircut by yourself because it involves a lot of cutting precision. But if you’re confident you can do it without assistance, go right ahead! Here’s a tutorial I found that looks pretty helpful.

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