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It’s a Bit TMI but Here Are the Beauty Stuff I Do When I’m on My Period

It’s a Bit TMI but Here Are the Beauty Stuff I Do When I’m on My Period

That time of the month isn’t as horrid as it used to be for me anymore. When I was younger, I used to have cramps that rendered me immobile for a couple of hours. It was that bad. These days, the cramps don’t make me feel like I only have a couple of hours more to live. But I still feel awful when I’m on my red days, not to mention cranky — especially with my husband. (Sorry, babe, if you’re reading this. It’s the hormones!)

Since sleeping as a way to get over the frump is no longer an option for me, I’ve taken to doing at-home beauty stuff to lessen the awful feeling I get during those days.

Cooling Mask
Even if the air conditioner is on, I still feel hotter — but not in a good way — than usual during those (darn) days. So I put on a cooling mask to make me feel a bit fresh. I’m on the lookout for a new mask to try, though. If you have a recommendation, send it my way!

A Foot Rub
Sometimes I get my husband to do it for me, but most of the time he’s too busy with work to give me a hand. So yes, I give myself a foot rub sometimes. It’s a bit awkward but still relaxing. Massage can increase the menstrual flow, but a foot rub just feels. so. good.

Nail Polish
Painting my nails relaxes me. Most every beauty-related thing I do makes it easier for me to calm down, but putting on nail polish requires a certain kind of focus. It’s a bit like meditation to me.

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This should go without saying, but taking a bath relieves me from menstrual-related stress. If I had a bath tub, I’d probably stay there for half of each day that I have my period. I also take more time in doing my beauty rituals.

I put makeup on even when I don’t leave the house sometimes because I like practicing different techniques, and well, sometimes I just feel like it. My husband and daughter have grown accustomed to my impromptu makeup sessions, so doing it when I’m on my period is just like any other day for them. I like putting makeup on, in general, because it calms me. It’s a form of escape, in a way. I don’t think about my quota, where to pitch, when to pitch, do we still have cooking oil, am I doing enough, when I’m doing my makeup.

How about you? What beauty stuff do you do when you can’t stand your period?