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Review — Klued Double Oat Moisturizer Is Hydrating Without the Icky Feel

Review — Klued Double Oat Moisturizer Is Hydrating Without the Icky Feel

klued moisturizer review

As someone with pretty dry skin, I’m always scouring the web and combing through news and press releases at work for moisturizers that will help keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day. Nobody likes that taut feeling!

Klued Double Oat Moisturizer, which I saw mentioned on social media, really piqued my interest.

It promises to soothe and moisturize the skin, which in turn will help strengthen the skin’s barrier. Does it? Here’s my review after using it — with my daughter! — for almost a month.

Packaging, scent, texture

klued double oat moisturizer packaging

The product comes in a white tube with a sticker label wrapped around it (well, almost; there’s a bit of space on the side). The sticker itself has a feathery print; looks a bit ‘homemade’. If this were any other local product, I’d be a bit skeptical but Klued is FDA-approved so that puts my mind at ease. (Editor’s note: I’ve repurchased this moisturizer and I’m happy to report that the packaging has improved! The label is now printed onto the tube itself. So glad to see this brand thriving!)

The moisturizer itself is white in color. It doesn’t have a scent; it’s certified fragrance-free, which is perfect if you’re allergic. Its texture is creamy but not overly thick.


klued moisturizer texture

It feels amply moisturizing though lightweight on the skin. On the first couple of weeks of using it, it felt soothing and somewhat cooling to my skin. I’m attributing that to the oat in its formula. Oat is great for dry and irritated skin.

It also has niacinamide which is great for moisturizing and brightening.

Since it’s also paraben-free and cruelty-free, I thought it might be safe enough for my daughter to try. She’s been using it for a week now and she’s been pretty pleased with it — no stinging, no irritation. The product is also not sticky.

For me, though, I felt a bit of stinging after using it for a while. But it could be due to my upping the frequency of my retinol application. I don’t see any bad side effects though. It still keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Final verdict on the Klued Double Oat Moisturizer

klued moisturizer review

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I’ve been liking the Klued Double Oat Moisturizer so far and I’ll definitely continue to use it until I run out. My daughter will too! It keeps our skin moisturized without the icky feel.

If you’re looking for an affordable moisturizer that’s hydrating enough for dry skin but also lightweight enough for dry skin, this may be the one to try.

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