Luxe Organix Sunscreen Review: Lightweight Feel, Heavy Protection?

After hearing nothing but good things about the Luxe Organix Sunscreen, I tried it. Here's my review.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Luxe Organix Sunscreen. So, of course, I had to try it and find out what the hype is about. What do I think about it? Find out it in this review.

Packaging, scent, texture

The Luxe Organix Sunscreen comes in an air-tight pump bottle with yellow packaging.

The Luxe Organix Sunscreen comes in an airtight yellow bottle with a pump. The product itself is yellowish in colour. It’s gel-like in texture but not too watery. It has a floral-botanical scent that I can only describe as something your grandma might have a bottle of.


One of the things I’ve heard about the Luxe Organix Sunscreen is that it’s incredibly lightweight. I’ve no issue with sunscreens being a bit on the heavy side because I have dry skin, but something that doesn’t weigh on the skin is always welcome.

People have also raved about how this doesn’t leave on a white cast. And true enough, when I put it on, the product quickly got absorbed into my skin.

It still needed quite a bit of blending though because I follow the two-finger rule for applying sunscreen (or if you want to be accurate, that’s a quarter of a teaspoon).

The Luxe Organix Sunscreen felt light and almost water-like, but perhaps because I have quite sensitive skin, I also felt quite a bit of stinging when I put this on.

I tried to observe whether it would go away after using it a couple of times but I’ve finished the bottle and the stinging was still there.

It’s nothing to get alarmed with though. If you have sensitive skin, I suggest doing a patch test first and see how well this may react to your skin. If you’ve never had problems with chemical sunscreens in general, though, I think you’ll have no reason to skip on this one.

There’s also the plus point of not breaking me out.

My husband tested the Lux Organix Sunscreen while biking, and here's what he thinks.

As usual, I ask my husband to try products with me. He’s a better tester for sunscreens than me too because I rarely leave the house (except for times when I need to get sunlight) and he goes on long bike rides.

I made him wear the Luxe Organix Sunscreen during one of his rides (he was out for six hours, I think, and was under the sun for most of that time). Unlike my experience, he didn’t feel any stinging when I put it on him.

He was a bit red (but no peeling or burnt feeling) when he came home but he would’ve been more sunburnt if he didn’t have any sunscreen on. He also wasn’t able to reapply every two hours either. So I’d say the sunscreen did what it was supposed to at the time it was expected to.

Final thoughts

In all, I think the Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen is a decent sun protection product if you’re looking for something that’s incredibly lightweight.

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It’s good for when you need to wear makeup because it doesn’t pill. It’s also good for days when you don’t want to wear makeup because you don’t quite feel it on.

I wish it came in a tube though. The pump made it just a tad bit less convenient to dispense the product the way I usually do.

With a tube, you just squeeze with constant pressure till you get the amount you need. With a pump, well, you pump and pump and pump and pump until you’re good with the amount. But that’s just personal preference.

If you’re curious to see how it would work for you, pick up the Luxe Organix Sunscreen.