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Follow This Makeup Routine for a Natural Look for Any Event

Follow This Makeup Routine for a Natural Look for Any Event

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Don’t have a makeup routine you can rely on yet? Fret not; I got you!

It took me a while to have mine down pat as well, so I truly understand the struggle. A lot of trial and error goes into finding the perfect routine (not to mention the perfect products) for the look you want to wear.

products to use in a makeup routine

What I’ve learned over the past decade or so of learning about and playing with makeup is it pays to have a signature look, something that you can whip up whenever you need it. Something a bit more on the natural side — think your natural features but better — works well for most if not all events. This look, partly inspired by the clean aesthetic, can be sported for casual outings and even job interviews.

Read on to learn more!

makeup routine for a natural look

Basic makeup routine for a natural look

1. Skin prep

Before you proceed with your actual makeup routine, you have to make sure that your skincare routine is down pat. Your skincare prep can make or break your makeup look. Just imagine: if you don’t moisturize, you base will be flakey and cakey. If you don’t hydrate under your eyes, your concealer will crease.

So, make sure that skin prep is your first step!

2. Foundation or base

Next, lay down your base. Contrary to popular belief, priming is actually optional. If you do good skin prep, you’re not gonna need a primer.

Now, in terms of base products, there are lots to choose from. There’s one for just about any finish or look you need. You can opt for a mattifying foundation if you have oily skin. There are also hydrating foundations for those with dry skin.

But if you’re just starting out, a skin tint may be best. Think of it as a leveled-up version of a tinted moisturizer. It offers decent coverage to help cover up blemishes but it’s also lightweight and thin enough to still look natural. If you so wish, you can also add a CC (or color-correcting cream) to your makeup routine. This comes before your base of choice.

base product applied on the back of the hand

3. Concealer

Got dark eye circles or blemishes you want to conceal? Go right ahead and pick a color that’s just a little darker than your natural skin color. Yes, you read that right — darker not lighter! If you go with a lighter shade of concealer, you’re basically highlighting the blemish.

If you want to take it another notch, you can also use a color corrector before concealing. Peach cancels out darkness while green neutralizes redness.

4. Bronzer

I know bronzers are not too popular in the Philippines, but they truly give the face warmth and should definitely be considered more. They make your skin look more alive! Just make sure you warm up the right places on your face. Your cheeks, temples, and your nose. These bronzers work especially well in our humid climate.

5. Blush and/or highlighter

Another underrated step is the blush! A flush on the cheeks really gives any look an oomph. The placement of the blush can also change the vibe of the entire look. It’s so so vital but it’s not given much importance. But now that you know, make sure you swipe on your favorite color to your cheeks.

6. Eyeshadow

An eyeshadow is optional, but it can definitely help emphasize your eyes. My go-to is a brown shade that’s just a tiny bit darker than my actual lid color. This gives the area depth. And then I swipe on a warm-toned glittery shade to give the lids a bit of a sparkle. It opens up the eyes!

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7. Eyebrows

Every part of the makeup routine is important, but this one is particularly so. I’m sure by now you already know that the eyebrows frame the face. Your brow’s shape can change your entire look. A thick, bushy pair makes one look more youthful. A good arch can command attention and show dominance. And so on.

So make sure you have the brow shape that goes well with your look and face shape! You can go with any kind of product too, as long as it suits the vibe of your look. For a natural look, though, I recommend using a thin pencil and a brow gel instead of a pomade.

woman putting on mascara on her eyelashes


Open up your eyes even more with a good coat (or two) of mascara. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before application, of course! There are lots of mascaras to choose from now, depending on what you’re looking for. More volume? Yes. More length? Check. There are waterproof options too. For daytime, though, there’s something about a brown mascara that just makes a look stand out.

9. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is optional! I never wear it. But if you’re someone who can’t live without it, go on ahead and rock it. A simple wing would be preferable than something dramatic for a natural look, of course. Black is always the top choice. But here I am again to interest you in trying out brown.

woman putting on lip gloss

10. Lip color

Now, seal the deal with a kiss…proof product or just any lip product. Go for your favorite formula. Are you a lover of gloss? Or do you prefer something more matte? No matter your preference, make sure you wear one that makes you feel good. An MLBB (my lips but better) shade is always a great choice. But you can also opt for pinks for a soft look. A coral or neutral brown works great for a natural look too!

I hope this basic makeup routine helps you find the regimen you’ll stick to and the products to help you achieve your signature look!

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