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Easy Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

Easy Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

Here are easy makeup tips for glasses wearers, so their specs don't wear them.

My first pair of eyeglasses had a black frame that was dated. They look like the ones your mom or dad would wear as reading glasses. I think I was in high school then. I’ve been wearing glasses since, but I’ve never really thought about how to wear my makeup effectively (?) with spectacles on. I just did my face the way I usually do, but it turns out that there are actually things I could do much better. Here are easy makeup tips for glasses wearers.

Lens matters

Just recently, I found out that near-sighted lenses make your eyes look smaller while far-sighted lenses make them look bigger. I wear near-sighted lenses, so I have to make my eyes look the way they do without glasses. One way to do it is to wear a flesh-toned or white liner on the waterline.

One of the most important makeup tips for glasses wearers is to take note of the lens you are wearing.

Line and define

I don’t usually line my lids because I’m admittedly not good at it, but doing so actually helps your eyes pop a bit. Go for eyeshadow shades that also capture the attention. If it’s your style, you can even go bright and loud.

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High brow

Most frames cover a big portion of your brows. While I don’t think I can do it effectively, some makeup artists say you should define your brows and make them look higher in placement. I think I’ll stick to my usual routine, but if you’re someone who already has high, defined arches, maybe you can put this tip to use.

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Another thing to note when you want to wear makeup as a glasses wearer is to just have fun with color!

Shun shadows

One of the most important makeup tips for glasses wearers to keep in mind: Glasses can cast shadows under your eyes, making them look darker than they actually are. So make sure you use a brightening concealer to counter this and don’t forget to set with a powder.

No part left behind

The most commonly given makeup tips for glasses wearers are geared toward the eyes, as expected, but you shouldn’t forget the other parts of your face, too. Swipe a bit of colour on your cheek and give your lips some hue.