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Maybelline Vinyl Ink Review — Glossy but Smudge-Proof?

Maybelline Vinyl Ink Review — Glossy but Smudge-Proof?

maybelline vinyl ink review

I’ve never been a fan of glossy lip products. They just seemed to be too high-maintenance and many of them are truly just so sticky. The Maybelline Vinyl Ink appeared to be set on making me change my mind though.

The latest addition to Maybelline’s Superstay range promises to be transfer-proof and stay on for up to 16 hours with a shiny, glossy finish. Does it live up to its claims? I gave it a try. Here’s my review.

Packaging, texture, color, scent

maybelline vinyl ink

The liquid lipstick is housed in a shiny, sleek packaging that has the word VINYL emblazoned on one side — very urban, very Maybelline. The color of the packaging is supposed to show what the shade of the product is.

Its texture is nothing different from other liquid lipsticks’. The scent is on the sweet side, like a mix of vanilla and caramel.

The color I got was Mischievous, which is a peachy nude. It’s the lightest among the 10 shades available in the country.


The Maybelline Vinyl Ink has a thin doe-foot applicator for a precise application. You have to shake the product for at least five seconds before applying it on dry lips. The product glides on smoothly on the lips though you may want to ensure that your puckers are properly hydrated before swiping this on.

maybelline vinyl ink doe foot applicator

One layer of the Maybelline Vinyl Ink gives off an opaque finish but you have to add another one if you want to really get the vinyl-like look. It’s not super glossy but it’s definitely not matte. I find that just one layer works best for me though because the drying time for anything more is a bit too long for my liking. I don’t smack my lips together before I know it’s completely dry because it moves the product quite a bit for me.

Something you may also want to take note of is that it does emphasize the lines on the lips a bit but the shine definitely doesn’t make them look dry so I don’t mind it much.

It feels similar to other longlasting liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in the past — you can definitely feel it on.

maybelline vinyl ink swatch on lips

Once it dries down, it becomes transfer-proof. A bit of the glossiness comes off but the color remains. I used it with a mask on and there was no transfer.

I’ve tried eating with it on too and it stays quite well. Oily food is a different story, of course. But I found that it’s strong enough to stay on for five or six hours before you’re gonna need a touch-up.

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Final verdict on the Maybelline Vinyl Ink lip products

While I don’t think the Maybelline Vinyl Ink can accompany you for a whole 16 hours, I can vouch that it can help you get through an entire shift at work or school. It may not be as glossy as gloss fans would like but it’s perfect for those who are used to matte lipsticks but want to step into a new territory.

a closer look at the maybelline vinyl ink

Some may find the P499 a bit on the expensive side for a drugstore product but Maybelline Vinyl Ink is definitely going to last you until it’s best before date so you’re a hundred percent getting a bang for your buck. Ready to pick one up?

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