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This ’80s Hairstyle Is Back and Here To Stay

This ’80s Hairstyle Is Back and Here To Stay

miley cyrus wearing a mullet haircut for women or a feminine mullet

We’re seeing the return of a lot of ’80s trends not just in fashion but also in beauty. Perhaps the most popular and polarizing one to make a resurgence is the mullet haircut.

While the look was more common among men in the era of New Wave, many bold women also sported the look. There’s Joan Jett, Cher, and Liza Minnelli.

This time around, of course, the haircut is not reserved for just rockstars and bikers. At Mad Cherry, we encourage everyone to wear whatever hairstyle they feel most comfortable and confident in.

If that’s the female mullet for you, high five! To further show my support, I’m sharing everything I know about this haircut to hopefully help you better ease into your new ‘do.

What is a mullet haircut for girls?

The mullet haircut for girls is often called the feminine mullet. But we don’t think we need that distinction anymore — especially now that we should be more aware and accepting of all the genders.

The only thing you need to know about the mullet is that it’s often described as the haircut that’s ‘business in the front and party in the back’. The look is a bit conventional in the front, often with bangs — think about a pixie or a barber’s cut — but the back is long. The transition can be blunt, choppy, or seamless.

actress debby ryan wearing a mullet haircut.
Photo by @debbyryan

Can I get a mullet with thin hair?

If thin hair is the reason why you’re still unconvinced about getting the mullet, you’ll be glad to know that the modern mullet is a bit more forgiving for those who do not have a lot of volume in their manes.

Instead of a blunt difference between the top and the bottom of the hairstyle, ask your stylist to give you some layers.

How do I give myself a mullet?

It can be pretty challenging to give yourself a mullet. But the same can be said about any kind of hairstyle if you’re not a professional. If you’re truly keen on getting the look on your own, I think the best route to take is one of the modern takes on the style — the wolf cut.

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While it’s not a mullet in the ‘traditional’ sense of the style, it gives off the same look but with a modern touch.

Below is a video showing how you can do it on yourself.

How do you style a feminine mullet?

If you want to stay true to the ’80s vibe of the look, you can just get the cut and let it be. But I know how there are days when your hair cooperates while there are also times when it doesn’t. For days when you need a bit of support in the styling department, here are a few things to remember:

  • Texture is essential. This goes especially for those who have thin hair. Scrunch up your layers with a texturizing cream, tousle it here and there.
  • Baby, the bangs are a big deal. Or not, it’s truly up to you! But we all know how bangs can stick to our forehead and, well, it doesn’t really look good. So just make sure that your fringe frames your face exactly how you like it.
  • Maintenance is a must. If you want to keep your mullet haircut for a long time, make sure you do regular trims. This also helps get rid of split ends.

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