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5 Mushroom Haircut Styles You Need To Try

5 Mushroom Haircut Styles You Need To Try

mushroom haircut

The mushroom haircut is quite popular amongst the male crowd. But it doesn’t mean we women can’t rock it. (I’m sure we can wear it better too. 😉) Curious to see if you should try the look? Here’s everything you need to know about it to help you decide.

What is the mushroom haircut called?

The mushroom haircut may seem novel but it’s actually been around for a long while (think medieval ages — really). The style is also known as — wait for it — the bowl cut. (Or in the Philippines, what we call the bao look.) Most Asian millennials sported the style as kids (myself included).

woman with a mushroom haircut using a laptop

The only difference is that the bowl cut we’re used to had the same length in all angles. The mushroom haircut tapers off a bit at the back, close to the nape. This kind of makes the ‘stem’ of the ‘shroom.

You may have sworn to never wear it again when you were younger but it’s a notch cooler now that we’re older.

Are mushroom hairstyles out of style?

While the cut was more popular during the early- to mid-2010s, it’s slowly crawling back into our consciousness. There are so many hairstyle trends from the past that are making a resurgence too.

How do you do a mushroom haircut?

It can be quite challenging to give yourself the haircut, so it’s best to go to your favorite salon and ask a stylist to do it for you. If you still want to take a stab at it though or want to ask a friend to help you achieve the look, here’s a nifty tutorial on how to do it step-by-step.

5 mushroom haircut styles

The fun thing about the mushroom haircut too is that it has evolved into different styles. Looking for the one that suits your personality and style the best? Here are five to choose from.

Straight like a bob

Photo by The Frankie Shop via Pinterest

This one’s the closest to what most Asian kids had as a hairstyle growing up. But the bluntness of the ends make it more chic.

Short bowl

If you like your haircut to be really short, try this. There are some layers to the look despite the length so it’s definitely not one-dimensional.

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This one’s a versatile take. You can opt to wear your hair straight and let the evenness of the cut stand out or style it like a pixie cut for a bit of ruggedness.

The ’70s

Throw it back to the time of hippies with this look. It can be a bit daunting to sport but it definitely gives off a strong statement.

A bob

Not quite ready to go short? You can still wear the mushroom haircut with a bit more length. This one’s a bit retro too.

Which of these mushroom haircut styles will you be sporting?

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