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QuickFX Sunscreen Review: Will It Work For You?

QuickFX Sunscreen Review: Will It Work For You?

A quick review of the QuickFX Sunscreen

I was a big fan of QuickFX products in sachets, particularly the sunblock. I used it when my husband and I went for one of our motorcycle-riding trips around Batangas and Cavite, and I did not get burned. Everything was peachy. So I had high hopes that I would like the QuickFX Sunscreen — the one in the tube. Read more of this review to find out what my final thoughts on it are!

A quick review of the QuickFX Sunscreen

Sunblock vs. Sunscreen

The one packaged in a sachet is a sunblock, and the one in the tube is sunscreen. To put simply, a sunblock is a physical sun protector while a sunscreen is a chemical sun protector. Here’s an article that can explain it better than I do.

But over time and after testing many, many more sunscreens, as well as learning from experts (dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and more), I’ve learned that there is no such thing as a sunblock or something that 100% shields your skin from the sun’s rays. Whether it’s a chemical or physical sunscreen, it will protect you from UV but it won’t be absolutely shielding or warding off the rays.

Now that we’ve got that covered, we can talk more about this sunscreen whose counterpart in a sachet is called a sunblock.


The QuickFX Sunscreen comes in a cute little tube packaging that has a minimalist design. I like that it has a dark blue shade so it’s easy to pick out from the sea of other products on my vanity.

Texture, colour, scent

A swatch of the product

It’s a thick liquid with a light peach colour that fades away once applied thoroughly to the skin. It also has that distinct sunscreen scent, which I like a lot.

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Ingredients, claims, results

The Quick FX Sunscreen claims to be an “ultra light, fast-absorbing sunblock* with broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, and helps protect against the damaging effects of the sun.” It has the power ingredients niacinamide, lotus flower, and BSASM herb extracts.

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Right after putting it on, I felt a tingling, mild-warm (almost burning) sensation and my face felt itchy. I chalked it up to my skin’s sensitivity and it getting used to the new product, and to be fair, I should’ve done a patch test before slathering it on. So I tried it a second time and the same thing happened. I stopped using it and picked it up again after a few months, but there was still that stinging feeling. I also woke up to pimples the next morning. So I guess it’s safe to say that the QuickFX Sunscreen and I just don’t work well together.

Will I try the QuickFX Sunscreen again?

Giving it a couple of tries after the first attempt seems a good enough effort to arrive at a fair verdict for this sunscreen for me. Much to my sadness, though, I will not be trying it a fourth time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t though! As we always say in the Asian Beauty Community, “Your mileage may vary!” What didn’t work for me might work swimmingly for you (and vice versa).