RevivHair Placode Booster Serum Review

Thinning hair has been a problem for me since I gave birth four years ago. I used to have thick hair, but now there are areas where it’s clear that they used to be more lush. I’ve tried many shampoos and other types of remedies (including hair extensions) before. None of them worked, to say the least. I still ended up looking sadly at the many strands of my hair that end up on the floor.

My hope was sparked when I received the RevivHair Placode Booster Serum. After reading other people’s testimonials, I was more than excited to see the results for myself. There were also before and after photos of people who have tried the product, and they all looked promising if not impressive. 

The excitement was strengthened by how the serum is meant to be used. The product comes in small vials, and you have to use a syringe to apply it onto your scalp. You’re advised to use a dermaroller for better product absorption, but I didn’t have one at my disposal, so I used it as is.

The product is meant to be used in a specific way. You have 30 days to put it religiously each morning and night to get results. 

After putting it to the test for 30 days, I was surprised that it didn’t fare as well as I had hoped. But to be fair, it might have been because of an error on my part. I didn’t focus the product in just one area; I used it all over my head. What I am happy to learn, though, is that while it did not visibly make my hair thicker, it did help in strengthening it. I have lesser hair fall now. I even asked my husband to confirm, and he said that our floor only has a few traces of my hair now. 

Would I recommend the RevivHair Placode Booster to people who have thinning hair or bald spots? Definitely. I will advise them to concentrate on just one area, though. 

The product was sent to me for review via BrandBacker. I was not compensated to make this review.