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Senka Perfect Whip Review: Is It Worth A Try?

Senka Perfect Whip Review: Is It Worth A Try?

The Senka Perfect Whip has gained cult-like following. In this review, I investigate if it's truly worth the hype it gets.

The Japanese are known for putting a premium on facial cleansers, so it’s no surprise that the Senka Perfect Whip — said to be Japan’s no. 1 foam cleanser — gained a cult following. But is it really good and will it be your new holy-grail cleanser? I tested it for a month, and here’s my review.

The Senka Perfect Whip Facial Foam Cleanser has been hailed the number one foam cleanser in Japan.

Packaging, scent and texture

The Senka Perfect Whip Cleanser comes in a light blue tube. I’m partial to tube packaging because it’s easier to store and maneuver, so the Senka cleanser having this is a plus point for me.

The product itself is white in color and quite thick in consistency (a bit similar to cream cleansers I’ve tried before, albeit this one lathers or foams up really well — it is one of its special traits, after all).

The scent is clean, not soapy or floral.

This cleanser's texture is similar to most cream types.


If there’s one thing you must know about this cleanser — aside, of course, from its actual cleansing prowess — is its foam. It’s supposedly made with “nomitsu” in mind. That’s Japanese for short but rich intensive care. So it’s not only a skincare product but also one for self-care.

The foam does feel soothing on the skin. That, coupled with the light scent, makes for a relaxing 60 seconds in front of the sink.

The cleanser has a refreshing texture and doesn't dry the skin out after.

Claims and final thoughts

The Senka Perfect Whip cleanser claims to be a gentle foam cleanser that lifts up impurities — dirt, oil, pollution, what have you — from the skin while keeping it moisturized thanks to its double hyaluronic acid content.

It’s also said to contain Shiseido’s Aqua-in-Pool ingredient that strengthens the skin’s barrier. A multi-tasking cleanser?

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After using it for a month, I can truly say I understand why it’s a favorite for many. It feels like a self-care experience when you use it. But more importantly, it really does what it promises. My face feels clean but not taut after each wash. I don’t see any leftover dirt when I use my glycolic acid toner, which, I think, is a good indicator of its cleansing power.

I had a few pimples on my left jaw when I started using it, and while I can’t say that this helped speed up their healing, it didn’t aggravate the situation, which is good enough for me. And, yes, I will continue using it till I run out.

UPDATE: My husband tried it out when he ran out of the Althea Contour Cleanser and this has now become his go-to. We’ve already repurchased a new tube for him. He noticed that his skin has become clearer, brighter and smoother since using it.