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You Still Need This Multi-purpose Cream Even If You’re Not on the Go

You Still Need This Multi-purpose Cream Even If You’re Not on the Go

Multi-purpose products are marketed as great for those who are always on the go or pressed for time. Those two things don’t seem to be personalities people identify as these days. But that doesn’t mean multi-purpose products like the Squad Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream no longer have a place in people’s kits. Find out why it has the potential to be a staple in this review.

Packaging and texture

The Squad Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream comes in a rectangle plastic tube with a peach lid that also holds the wand. Its applicator is a spade shape that has a space in the middle (which reminds me of the applicator of the Dior Rouge Liquid Lipsticks albeit Squad’s has a more fiber-like material and Dior’s has a finer sponge-like one). The applicator is great for dispensing the right amount of products onto your lips, and you can always just scrape some of it if you don’t need much.

The Squad Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream has an applicator that's reminiscent of Dior Rouge's.

The product itself has a rich cream-like texture that glides on quite smoothly.


Since this is marketed as a multi-purpose product, I took the liberty of using it in different ways.

On the eyelids, it gives a nice wash of color and you can definitely amp up the opacity by layering one. It doesn’t pill or smudge. It’s worth noting, however, that you need to set this with a translucent powder or use it as an eyeshadow base instead because it creases and sits on your lids’ lines.

My favorite way to use it is as a blush. A little truly goes a long way with this product. I’ve tried dotting three times and that was too much. Blending out just one dot can already liven up your look. It’s pretty easy to blend too, and wears well even if you don’t have a base product on. (An aside: I always apply it on the back of my hand first if I’m using it as a blush or an eyeshadow base.)

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As a lipstick, I’m not too sold. It’s okay but I feel like it just sits on top of the lips and it’s not particularly forgiving if you don’t prep with a scrub and moisturizer. If you use it just as a tint, though, and just dab it on using your fingers, it looks quite decent for a no-makeup makeup look.

The Squad Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream is a steal for its price.

Final thoughts

I’m pleased with the Squad Cosmetics Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream’s performance and have been reaching out for it whenever I need a quick flush or I’m doing a warm-hued look. I know people say this a lot, but this product truly delivers on the “a little goes a long way” promise. At P149 per tube, this is a steal no matter your getting-ready personality.

One caveat is that most of Squad’s products look different in photos (even in their swatches) but when applied, they’re quite similar. In my case, I ordered the one in Gleeful, which they showed as more reddish on the smear but is actually more peach on the lip swatch. Just make sure you look at all the lip swatches before adding them to cart. Other than that, this works really well if you’re looking for an inexpensive product that can help you achieve a monochromatic look or just pops of color wherever you need it.