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Vaseline Has More Than Jelly. Check Out This Sunscreen

Vaseline Has More Than Jelly. Check Out This Sunscreen

A quick review of the Vaseline Daily Sun Cream

Yes, it’s not just petroleum jelly. Vaseline Daily Sun Cream is one of the brand’s sunscreens — they have two. If you’re as surprised as I was when I found out and are curious, here’s a quick review.

The Vaseline Daily Sun Cream SPF50 comes in a bright orange packaging that's quite refreshing to look at.

Should you wear sunscreen indoors?

But first, do you really need to use sunscreen indoors? Discussions about it have been going around ever since the lockdowns started. The verdict? You may if you’re always close to a window.

If you don’t get much sunlight whether direct or diffused, then you can skip it. Lab Muffin Beauty Science explains it really well here.

The house we live in has a lot of windows (and I mean a LOT — eight windows and a sliding glass door on the ground floor and a bay window in the middle of the staircase plus more upstairs). I also use an AHA serum, which makes my skin more susceptible to sun damage.

So, that’s what I’m putting the Vaseline Daily Sun Cream up against.

Packaging, scent, texture

The Vaseline Daily Sun Cream SPF50 PA++++ comes in a tube packaging with a color that’s quite the opposite of what the brand is known for. They ditched the navy (blue) and went straight to orange (county). (The one with SPF40 is in a sunny yellow tube that looks cute too.) The striking color makes it easy to spot on your vanity, which is a plus.

It has a similar scent to the Fresh Jeju Aloe Sunblock, though the cucumber-like fragrance is a bit more muted. To sum, it smells fresh.

As far as the texture goes, it’s quite thick (as one would expect from a cream) but not overly so. Your skin won’t feel smothered, just enveloped.

The Vaseline sunscreen is great for indoors and outdoors alike.


There’s a white cast when you put it on but it quickly fades away after you massage the product in. It gets absorbed pretty quickly, too. Vaseline is, of course, known for its occlusive properties. (Occlusive skincare products moisturize the skin by creating a layer that protects moisture from leaving the skin.) And this being enriched with Vaseline Jelly a.k.a. the petroleum jelly you know and love (or hate), gives the skin moisture that can last for hours. The fun part? It doesn’t feel sticky.

Unlike other sunscreens, it doesn’t sting my eyes when I sweat, which is a plus point.

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Final verdict: Is Vaseline a good sunscreen?

The Vaseline Daily Sun Cream claims to provide deep moisturization from the inside and strong UV protection on the outside. It claims to have a “Water-Holding Technology” that not only hydrates but also gives a cooling effect on the skin. I’m happy to share that they’re not bluffing. This sunscreen really does feel moisturizing and is great at protecting the skin from UV rays.

However, it’s worth noting that I have dry skin, so this works swimmingly with my skin type. If you’re on the oily side, you may want or need something that’s a bit lighter. I’m pleased with my experience with this sunscreen and look forward to purchasing again.

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